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  • WordPress 2.8 Feature Password

    WordPress 2.8 is going to be published soon, even though they do not have a date yet. Nevertheless, another small insight into a new feature. After a new installation of WordPress, you get informed that you are logged in with the default password and this can be a security risk. It is therefore strongly recommended […]

  • Bye Bye my-hacks.php?

    Soon the new 2.8 version of WordPress will be released, but the hype is not as much as it was some years ago, when version 2.0 was released for example. But the new version brings many new things, fixes a large number of problems and WordPress is in my view, more open than in the […]

  • WordPress Plugin-Path

    When working on a Plugin I noticed that the path to its files is not always complete, which depends on the WordPress version. With WordPress Version 2.8 the function plugins_url() extends and it can be incorporate in a much cleaner way, no maintenance of the folder required, where the Plugin is put. An example will […]

  • Change Admin Pagination on Posts, Pages and Comments

    One or the other users in the backend of WordPress find it quite disturbing that not more than 20 articles, pages and comments per page gets listed. Especially if you work with many tables and you have a fast connection, then an increased number of listed articles, pages, comments is useful. How to adapt and […]

  • WordPress 2.8 Widgets Options Page – First Screenshot!

    In the current trunk of WordPress is a “first run” of the new widget management available to see. This is a development version, it shows the warning “This page is not 100% ready, please use only on test installations.”.

  • WordPress Implements Jcrop

    With the upcoming version 2.8 of WordPress, the extension to the JavaScript library jQuery Jcrop is implemented. Jcrop allows directly into a web application to crop images. A first peak shows the site about Jcrop and I’m curious how it will be included in WordPress, currently is no live demo available.