WordPress 2.8 Feature Password

WordPress 2.8 is going to be published soon, even though they do not have a date yet. Nevertheless, another small insight into a new feature. After a new installation of WordPress, you get informed that you are logged in with the default password and this can be a security risk. It is therefore strongly recommended to change the password. The necessary internal links to set a new password are included in this notice.


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  1. Armen

    Thanks for the heads up, Frank.

    Althought WordPress is relatively secure, there are other measures which no doubt could be taken to prevent any security related mishaps. I’m always a little worried about security myself, tbh.

  2. Wayne

    One of the first things I do is make a new administrator account and then log in with it. This allows me to delete the auto-created one and provides better security in the long run.

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