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  • Themes and automatic_feed_links

    Since WordPress 2.8, there is the function automatic_feed_links() in the function.php. Which writes the link elements for the RSS protocols in the header of the document. The advantage of this feature is, you do not need to worry about whether a change comes in the Feed-protocoll in a new version of WordPress, removed or a […]

  • WordPress 2.8 Single Post Navigation Widget

    Since WordPress 2.8, there is a new Widget API. In our post Build A WordPress 2.8 Widget With The New Widget API, I have used a simple example to describe how to build a Widget. This time Heiko and I’ve created something more complex.

  • Cleanup WordPress Header

    WordPress implements new standard features in the head of the theme since version 2.5, that are always on the hook wp_head. Even in WordPress 2.8 new functions were added. If you don’t need them you can easily disable them by using the function remove_action.

  • More Memory For WordPress – More Information About WordPress

    WordPress is growing and growing, with the growing of WordPress the demand of memory is also growing. The standard use is WordPress 32MByte (see settings.php ), which is not even provided by every hoster today. This is a problem – therefore: Lovely Hoster, give users more memory! But also to use the memory, it requires […]

  • Set Meta Links For WordPress Plugins

    In the past I explained in the article „How To Improve WordPress Plugins“ , how you can expand Plugins with useful functions and therefore optimize their usage. One of the suggestions was a simple link to the options page of your Plugin. With WordPress 2.8 the Plugin page will be a little bit different and […]

  • WordPress Proxysupport

    Who is using WordPress in an intranet environment, will quickly realize, that despite internet connection, no feed content gets loaded in the backend. In general, it’s because of the proxy of the company. So far WordPress wasn’t particularly flexible in this case. As of WordPress 2.8 that will change and new constants make ensure that […]