WordPress Implements Jcrop

With the upcoming version 2.8 of WordPress, the extension to the JavaScript library jQuery Jcrop is implemented. Jcrop allows directly into a web application to crop images.


A first peak shows the site about Jcrop and I’m curious how it will be included in WordPress, currently is no live demo available.





4 responses to “WordPress Implements Jcrop”

  1. zy Avatar

    They are currently using it for the custom image header function for Kubrick, based on their development build available off svn.

    But I guess it would be helpful for plugin developers in the future.

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  3. John Myrstad Avatar
    John Myrstad

    The Scissors plugin uses jcrop and has some nice features that enhances usability when using thumbnails. Should be concidered to be part of wp core.


    John Myrstad

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