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  • WordPress Proxysupport

    Who is using WordPress in an intranet environment, will quickly realize, that despite internet connection, no feed content gets loaded in the backend. In general, it’s because of the proxy of the company. So far WordPress wasn’t particularly flexible in this case. As of WordPress 2.8 that will change and new constants make ensure that […]

  • WordPress 2.8 Feature Password

    WordPress 2.8 is going to be published soon, even though they do not have a date yet. Nevertheless, another small insight into a new feature. After a new installation of WordPress, you get informed that you are logged in with the default password and this can be a security risk. It is therefore strongly recommended […]

  • WordPress Plugin-Path

    When working on a Plugin I noticed that the path to its files is not always complete, which depends on the WordPress version. With WordPress Version 2.8 the function plugins_url() extends and it can be incorporate in a much cleaner way, no maintenance of the folder required, where the Plugin is put. An example will […]

  • Pages & Subpages – Is Parent?

    WordPress allows to create sub-pages in your backend. This is why many uses WordPress as a CMS. Sometimes you like with the help of the Conditional Tags to start several queries with a certain respond – but then you see frequently in the template static queries on any ID of a page. But it’s possible […]

  • WordPress Category Exists?

    Already tried in WordPress to check if a category exists? There is no Template Tag so you need to create your own solution. I have 3 different solutions prepared, although one solution only works within the framework of the admin area.

  • WordPress 2.8 – Small Insights

    WordPress sticks to the publication date in April this year. In advance, I would like to briefly mention some innovations, which from my personal point of view are quite exciting. New Template Tag: the_modified_author() In the use of different authors long awaited, in 2.8 available Widget API Widgets have been loved by most users and […]