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  • Filter caption-Shortcode in WordPress

    The title may not speak for itself and therefore I will explain a little more on the topic and do not just put a code snippets on this post. If you use the „Mediauploader“ in WordPress not just to load images, but also for integration in the post or page, then a Shortcode will be…

  • PHP Cross Reference of WordPress Source

    Yesterday, we have post over the faster search for the WordPress codex WPLookup and today we give you a nice search for the reference of different WordPress versions from Joost de Valk.

  • WPLookup – Fast Search in WordPress Codex

    This is a very simple tool with one function: quickly find WordPress Codex documentation for a function or template tag.

  • Exclude Subcategories in a Loop

    This code snippet excludes the subcategories in a loop. Just insert the code in your functions.php of your theme or in a Plugin and you are done.

  • Tweet This with WordPress

    Twitter seems to continue to gain in popularity and one or the other has even completely move – not a blog anymore, only an address in Twitter. After going through my subscriptions in my feed reader, I noticed several articles where one or the other Plugin was recommended, which place a Twitter button to recommend…

  • rel=”canonical”-URL for WordPress Theme

    Duplicate content is always an issue in search engines, especially in the context of content management systems and blogging applications. Therefore, they decided together (Google, Yahoo and Microsoft) for a notice using the link tag. In essence, provides the tag with the rel attribute canonical only a reference to the preferred URL. Once again a…