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  • A Chance: WordPress Plugin Competition

    No matter for what reason we developed Plugins, whether hobby coder, professional or agencies working with clients, the variety of Plugins supports the continued growth of the WordPress community. Nevertheless, just one event in the year is dedicated to Plugins for WordPress – The Plugin Competition. Here you can present your Plugin to the community […]

  • Use WordPress Voting

    Just because of that you should submit your vote for 2.9 Media Features: I already expressed my opinion about it in the article „Core Plugins – Bless Or Curse“. I assume that Canonical Plugins are similar to Core Plugins and are made available by a community, which ensures that they are compatible with the Core.

  • Recents Drafts All Authors

    It’s not uncommon that a blog runs by different authors, so it may be useful if you can have a quick look at the drafts of all authors. In our joint blog WP Engineer we created a feed, which keeps us up to date if a new draft of all authors were created. The work […]

  • More Memory For WordPress – More Information About WordPress

    WordPress is growing and growing, with the growing of WordPress the demand of memory is also growing. The standard use is WordPress 32MByte (see settings.php ), which is not even provided by every hoster today. This is a problem – therefore: Lovely Hoster, give users more memory! But also to use the memory, it requires […]

  • Define Your Own WordPress Action Hooks

    WordPress is based on the so-called Hook-System. This serves WordPress, and all extensions to involve functions in a certain place. The Hooks are not only to hook, but can also be used in custom extensions and thus create a better overview and offer additional interfaces for more possibilities to develop. Especially the second option is […]

  • Set Meta Links For WordPress Plugins

    In the past I explained in the article „How To Improve WordPress Plugins“ , how you can expand Plugins with useful functions and therefore optimize their usage. One of the suggestions was a simple link to the options page of your Plugin. With WordPress 2.8 the Plugin page will be a little bit different and […]