A Chance: WordPress Plugin Competition

No matter for what reason we developed Plugins, whether hobby coder, professional or agencies working with clients, the variety of Plugins supports the continued growth of the WordPress community. Nevertheless, just one event in the year is dedicated to Plugins for WordPress – The Plugin Competition. Here you can present your Plugin to the community and win prices.


For What Reason

The competition is running until the end of July and there are only 13 submitted plugins so far. Including some great ideas. Even though every day new Plugins appear in SVN, there are just a few listed. Developers – dare you, chime into this competition. This event is an added value for users and developers, both sides can only gain from this. Sure, it’s hard to compete against a professional PHP developer – but also in SVN is your code available to the public and therefore can seen by everyone. The Plugin Competition is just another platform, and should be used by beginners and pros.
It doesn’t make the plugin better, but your Plugin surely gets more attention and more feedback, as I have experienced in the past year. This year should be at least the same amount of feedback as last year, where each plugin was inspect by OZH. Also this year, you can expect to get some feedback from Ozh as you can see at contribution to the Plugin Competition. Sure, the opinion of Ozh can be different then yours, but his feedback is crucial. As a developer, I have learned a lot from last year, my knowledge expanded.

The competition doesn’t cost you extra time. Your plugin will receive an additional platform and will be evaluated. Additionally, you can also win some prices and get recognition. Therefore – join in!


The competition is a wonderful platform for people who want promote their product in front of a big WordPress user audience. It is a great opportunity for Theme and Plugin authors, agencies, and hosting services, etc. – sponsor the competition and get attention.

Our German Community

WP Engineer is driven by a German team and therefore it would be great to see more Plugins from German developers. As of now there are 2 German Plugins in the competition. I hope there will participating a third Plugin soon. Because it deserves attention. I hope there will be more German Plugin developers in this competition and German users, who are voting for their favorite Plugin. A great opportunity to show how big and alive the German WordPress community is.

The developers of WordPress will surely have an eye on this competition. It wouldn’t be the first time a Plugin find it’s way in the WordPress core or the solution of a Plugin was better than the solution in the core.

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  1. Binny V A

    I plan to enter this competition. I am doing Plugin Week 2 – it starts this Monday. I’ll be creating at least 3 wordpress plugins.

  2. Michael

    I wish you luck! What kind of plugins do you write?

  3. Konstantin

    I’m currently working on two plugins but they are far from being finished. Obviously I won’t enter those in any kind of competition yet. Just thought I mention it, since I’m German. 😉

  4. Alex

    @Konstantin, cool, let us know when they are done.

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