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  • Meet Us At WordCamp Europe!

    This weekend Frank and I will be attending and speaking at the first ever WordCamp Europe in Leiden near Amsterdam, Netherlands! We are really thrilled to be there and can’t wait to meet all the WordPress Gurus from all over the world and see some really interesting sessions! Frank and Toscho will have a presentation […]

  • WordPress Pulse? – Heartbeat API

    With WordPress 3.6, there will be a new API – Heartbeat. On Ticket 23216 in Trac all discussions and information be gathered together. Because Heartbeat may also have influences for users, here are some words and clues. Heartbeat is introduced to various activities, such as Autosave, locks of articles and to handle logon and logoff […]

  • Disable Post Format UI

    Currently is WordPress version 3.6 in Beta status. But new nice features are available and ready to test. One of this features is the new UI for the post formats. Post formats is a nice chance for more possibilities to declare a post to your readers. But sometimes we don’t need post formats. The default […]

  • Filename cache busting for WordPress styles and scripts

    WordPress adds the version identifier to the script and style resource as a query string. Most proxies don’t cache these resources. You should encode the version into the filename. A plugin can handle this for you.

  • WordPress Dropins

    Plugins are pretty popular, since it is easy to adjust your blog or website to your liking with Plugins. Less popular are Dropins. WordPress alows to replace some functions with Dropins. The list of possibilities isn’t big and not well documented. But I like to use Dropins to enhance the possibilties of caching, especially APC […]

  • How to disable auto-embeds (oEmbed) in WordPress 3.5

    WordPress 3.5 will remove some options from the UI. One of these options is the Embeds section. To disable the oEmbed feature you can use a specific filter.