Disable Post Format UI

Currently is WordPress version 3.6 in Beta status. But new nice features are available and ready to test. One of this features is the new UI for the post formats. Post formats is a nice chance for more possibilities to declare a post to your readers. But sometimes we don’t need post formats. The default for hide the Post Format UI is user specific and is an option in the screen options, see the screenshot.


The feature of Post Format UI is active on default, but there is the filter hook enable_post_format_ui to deactivate for all users in the system.
You can create a small Plugin, activate and the edit screen is without the UI of Post Format.

Update 05/29/2013
The overwhelming consensus is that Post Formats UI is not ready for WordPress core, and that it would be a mistake to ship it as it currently exists. We’re going to pull it out, and let it continue development as a plugin. I think that is a good decision.





4 responses to “Disable Post Format UI”

  1. liver diet Avatar

    I was really bored today and I decided to check out the Facebook Timeline, it seemed cool at first because I could see my first posts and everything. But then When I was done looking at it I clicked on my Profile to get out of it, now I have this stupid Facebook Timeline Format, and a Timeline I don’t want published, can some one tell me how I disable the timeline from being published, or get out of this timeline format?

  2. Reneé Klein Avatar

    Hi Frank,

    I’m not that big of a fan of it either, but I think it might help average users. To me, the only formats that really needed some help in the UI department were audio and video. However, that’s more to do with WordPress’ lack of attention to media other than images over the years.

  3. Usman Khurshid Avatar

    Very good explanation but I don’t see any reason to turn the post formats ui off. We default is always selected so there is no need to touch the post formats options if you don’t want to make use of this feature.

  4. Brunner Nathan Avatar

    Thank you so much,
    I have a video platform running with WordPress and this interface with different post format made it complicated for users. Hope it will be easier to understand now 😉
    Best regards, Brunner Nathan