Category: WordPress Plugins

  • Download older plugin versions from

    There’s a simple way to get hold of previous versions of your WordPress plugins, for example if a current version breaks your setup.

  • New hooks in WordPress 3.8

    WordPress 3.8 introduced one new action and five new filters: automatic_updates_complete Action triggered after all automatic updates have run. (wp-admin/includes/class-wp-upgrader.php) automatic_updates_debug_email Filter the debug email that can be sent following an automatic background core update. (wp-admin/includes/class-wp-upgrader.php) comment_notification_notify_author Filter whether to notify comment authors of their comments on their own posts. (wp-includes/pluggable.php) dashboard_glance_items Include additional elements […]

  • Filename cache busting for WordPress styles and scripts

    WordPress adds the version identifier to the script and style resource as a query string. Most proxies don’t cache these resources. You should encode the version into the filename. A plugin can handle this for you.

  • Change content of WordPress Editor Buttons

    Not every user likes the default settings how some buttons are displayed on the WordPress editor. As of right now, there is no possibility to adjust it directly via a filter. The following source code describes a solution to change the link buttons and their content to easily set links with custom values. The small […]

  • Set WordPress Featured Image Automatically

    Anyone who works in his WordPress blog with a picture and always wants or need to put one on his post – depending on the layout implementation, might like this small Plugin, which can do the setting automatically. If not a Featured Image is set it grabs the first image that was uploaded to the […]

  • Register Settings on WordPress Multisite

    Register Settings on WordPress Multisite

    The use of WordPress for several blogs in the network can be useful to simplify several steps and is becoming increasingly popular. Whether you want the classical scenarios of blog hosting service or like to create multilingual websites or other ideas. Therefore, it is also important for plugin developers to use the functions and to […]