New hooks in WordPress 3.8

WordPress 3.8 introduced one new action and five new filters:

  • automatic_updates_complete
    Action triggered after all automatic updates have run.

  • automatic_updates_debug_email
    Filter the debug email that can be sent following an automatic background core update.
  • comment_notification_notify_author
    Filter whether to notify comment authors of their comments on their own posts.
  • dashboard_glance_items
    Include additional elements in the ‘At a Glance’ dashboard widget. This widget was previously ‘Right Now’.
  • user_{$name}_label
    Filter a user contactmethod label.
  • wp_prepare_themes_for_js
    Filter the themes prepared for JavaScript, for themes.php. Could be useful for changing the order, which is by name by default.
  • A list of all new hooks can you also find in the hot list of WP Seek.






8 responses to “New hooks in WordPress 3.8”

  1. Charlie Avatar

    Thanks WP Engineer! New actions and filters can only be a good thing.

  2. Dave Warfel Avatar

    For wp_dashboard_recent_comments, can anyone help me with an example of how to increase the number of comments to 10?

  3. Michael Kjeldsen Avatar

    Agree with Charlie – these new filters and actions have potential for some advanced reporting setups 🙂

  4. Frank Avatar

    @Dave: I think no, the value have no filters. The values and content is indie the function wp_dashboard_recent_comments(). I think you must add your custom dashboard widget.

  5. Dilip Kumar Avatar

    WordPress 3.8 is totally differ from its previous and its features and new stuffs are really good.

  6. Bili Avatar

    Thanks for telling new changes. I am wordpress developer and your new tips always help me.

  7. Robin Avatar

    I love -comment_notification_notify_author- this one! I urge all authors to check their posts on my website and respond to all comments made, this will make my job much easier!

  8. Jason William Avatar
    Jason William

    Great change in dashboard but they are updating their cores quite frequently now. They should now be stable for sometime.