Recents Drafts All Authors

It’s not uncommon that a blog runs by different authors, so it may be useful if you can have a quick look at the drafts of all authors. In our joint blog WP Engineer we created a feed, which keeps us up to date if a new draft of all authors were created.

The work of every author is different and the dashboard is the center of information. Therefore we have decided to supplement a widget in the Dashboard, which shows the last five drafts of all authors. I enhanced the existing Plugin Draft Feed.

  • It provides a feed of all drafts
  • And the last 5 drafts of all authors in the Dashboard.


Everybody who needs something like this, can download this Plugin from my German Blog. It doesn’t have any options and doesn’t exist in SVN of WordPress – if you want you can use and expand it or leave a comment if you have a question. Enjoy!





One response to “Recents Drafts All Authors”

  1. S.K Avatar

    Very useful indeed for our multi-author site.