WordPress 2.8 – Small Insights

WordPress sticks to the publication date in April this year. In advance, I would like to briefly mention some innovations, which from my personal point of view are quite exciting.

  • New Template Tag: the_modified_author()
    In the use of different authors long awaited, in 2.8 available
  • Widget API
    Widgets have been loved by most users and tolerated by developers. The new API will simplify it and the access to the class makes this possible. This means that multiple instances now finally possible.
  • Optimized loading of JavaScript
    Since 2.7 is clean and checked loading of JS involved. Additional functions provide a control of the loading process and dependency. Now, via WordPress, scripts are going to summarized and returned in a single call. You can also include scripts in the footer now, directly through the targeted functions.
  • More options, when making the frontend, with the new Template Tag body_class()
  • SimplePie in Core
    With version 2.8 Magpie is removed and the well-known SimplePie project comes into the core; in my view in relation to use of feeds, especially in the ATOM standard, a lot more comfortable.

What are your most exciting innovations in 2.8?






10 responses to “WordPress 2.8 – Small Insights”

  1. B. Ackles Avatar

    SimplePie integration with WordPress is symbiotic. Kudos to both the WordPress & SimplePie teams!

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  5. Peter Avatar

    Interesting stuff. I recently delved into the core source for a better understanding of how widgets work, and it’s a bit of a mess – its pretty exciting to see that they’ll be revamping the way we can work with them.

  6. Chris Avatar


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  8. Teguh Aditya Avatar

    wordpress cepet amat seh updatenya… sampe ketinggalan..

  9. Harsh Agrawal Avatar

    Just saw this update on Twitter and seems like wordpress is keeping up its promise by giving the best of feature with every new release.