Secure Include Plugin In WordPress

Some people use more and other less Plugins in WordPress. but it is allways advisable to check via code if a Plugin is active or not. That makes sure the theme wouldn’t break if the Plugin is not active. It’s pretty easy to include a little bit code to check for inactivity. I show you an example where I use it in my Plugin RSSImport.

<?php if ( function_exists('FUNCTIONSNAME') ) : ?>
<?php endif; ?>

Example for Plugin RSSImport:
This is how the function looks like in the code of the Plugin RSSImport.

function RSSImport($display=0, $feedurl, $displaydescriptions=false, $truncatetitle=true) {

if ( $feedurl ) {
<?php if ( function_exists('RSSImport') ) : ?>
<?php RSSImport(10, "", false, false); ?>
<?php endif; ?>

or a little bid smaller

<?php if ( function_exists('RSSImport') )
RSSImport(10, "", false, false); ?>





3 responses to “Secure Include Plugin In WordPress”

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  2. Richard Avatar

    Is it possible to run more than 1 feed in a template page?

    I tried a table with 3 feeds, only 1 showed up.

  3. Frank Avatar

    @Richard: yes, you can use many feeds an your site. The link for browser and users must stay in the in the head of the theme.