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  • WordPress Theme Customizer Custom Controls

    WordPress Theme Customizer Custom Controls

    The Customizer is a relatively new way of WordPress Themes to provide you with options. Here is the visuality important, arrange the options directly in frontend for the Theme, play and save the settings. The post provide information about custom classes for your requirements.

  • How recent is “recently”?

    If you deactivate plugins you can access them some time under the “Recently active” link in the plugin list table. “Recently” is not a very specific statement. So how long are deactivated plugins assumed to be “recent”?

  • Load Minimum of WordPress

    A small contribution for all those using WordPress as a backend, framework or something similar. The applications, especially in the B2B sector, becoming more and more, as do the questions. So far, I’ve always liked to recommended BackPress. But even a well-maintained standard is feasible, with all its advantages in the context of the philosophy…

  • Adding Custom Fields to WordPress User Profile

    Adding Custom Fields to WordPress User Profile

    The user profile of WordPress can be fairly easily adapted to add your own values​​. So you can add the necessary fields according to your requirements. Here is how you do it, we add a field for the address and the content will be stored in the database. Various hooks in WordPress make sure that…

  • Easier Plugin Development by Moving Plugin Directory

    Easier Plugin Development by Moving Plugin Directory

    If you’re a experienced programmer you’re testing your programs not only with the latest version of WordPress but also with some older versions since there are many dated installations. So you have several versions installed on your development server and want to test your newly created code with every single version.

  • Force Reload of Scripts and Stylesheets in your Plugin or Theme

    If you’re developing a WordPress theme or plugin you may have had the problem that scripts or stylesheets are not reloaded from the source when you refresh the page because they are cached somewhere on the way from the server to the browser. There are various methods to suppress this behaviour like disabling the browser…