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  • Remove Menu Item in WordPress Admin Panel

    With WordPress Version 3.1 two new functions were added which makes it easier to remove menu- and submenu-entries in WordPress Admin Panel. These functions removing entries of the menu-tree remove_menu_page or submenus – remove_submenu_page.

  • Publish Your Posts Later On Your Website

    I explained quite a while ago about publishing a feed with a certain delay. Of course you can do this also for your frontend. Thus, the content will be published to the reader only after a certain period of time. A little script as an example will show you how.

  • Adding Input Fields To Comment Form

    Adding Input Fields To Comment Form

    Most comment forms contain the same input fields: Name, Email, URL and the comment text field. This is sufficient for most use cases but there are situations where you might want to know a bit more about your commenter: their age, the city they live in, or the color of their underwear. This article explains […]

  • Comment Form Hooks Visualized

    Most themes (e.g. TwentyTen) use the comment_form() function to insert the comment form after posts. There are quite some hooks inside the function but they are hard to localize. The codex documentation isn’t too helpful, neither. To give you an easy overview the following diagrams visualize the points where the various hooks are anchored. The […]

  • php-Console with Chrome and WordPress

    Google Browser Chrome and their Chromium project are becoming more popular. Initially it was the speed of Chrome, which made it so popular but now also the extensions are getting in the focus of the users. Nowadays the extension market of Chrome is full of very useful extensions. Of course there are also many enhancements […]

  • Exclude Posts and Pages in WordPress Search

    Sometimes you don’t like to display every post and page on search results. Today I like to show you how to filter the search in your frontend. Therefore I add a filter to the query of WordPress and exclude the according posts or pages of the search.