Win 5 Licenses Of The New WordPress Framework Xtreme One Version – Including Awesome New Features!

With version 1.3 many features were added to improve the workflow and significantly improve page performance. An overview of all the special features of Xtreme Theme can be seen here:

Besides many small changes under the hood, the new Widget System Extensions is one of the biggest innovation in Xtreme One.

  • For multisite installations widgets can be declared as a side wide widgets, which means they appear on all existing and future blogs.
  • Widget Manager to manage various features as well as turning on or off the widgets.
  • Extremely comfortable widget filtering logic, see video: Different sliders for different categories including conditional editor with drag and drop and syntax check.
  • Quick duplication of widgets for multiple use.
  • Simple combining multiple widgets to a tabber, see video: Create a tabber from widgets.
  • Scripts will only load when they are needed.

Also new are the jFancy Mediaslider and a Carousel Slider, which are available for posts and as a media slider. With the media slider you can just insert images from your media library instead of choosing an image of a post. You can link these images either to the attachment page, the corresponding article or a user defined link.

The Xtreme Social Widget added the new Google+.

Another feature are the subtitles for posts, pages and custom post format.

Xtreme One Framework supports post formats. Thus it is possible with any Childtheme, to operate a Tumblr-like blog.

The selectable positions of the navigation has been increased to 12.

Xtreme One costs only $79,95 and is available here.

How can you win a license?

We are giving away 5 licenses for the Xtreme One Framework with a Childtheme of your choice. One license will be given away among the commentators in our comment area. 2 more will be raffled among those who tweet with the Hashtag #xtremeonewpe about Xtreme One and two licenses will be raffled among all the bloggers who write about Xtreme One in their blog and leave a trackback here. The raffle will run until September 23rd 2011, 23:59:59 PST Time.

The winner will be announced on September 24th at the end of our Xtreme One session at the WordCamp Germany in Cologne.

Good Luck to everyone!

We just announced the winner of the licenses here:

Congrats to the winner!

Everybody else can grab a 20% discount for Xtreme One until October 3rd 2011 with the coupon code: WCK11

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  1. RG

    Would love to give it a try. Got to love the many layout options.

  2. Paolo Leonardi

    Be present! 🙂
    Paolo Leonardi

  3. ionutsabo

    I hope i’ll win.

  4. Nick Plekhanov

    Really impressive and professional frmawork. Wish more themes over the web will be powered by it.

    Hope to win it and use on my WP projects. Thanks for the opportunity guys!

  5. jerry

    i’d really dig some quality time with the Xtreme One Framework

  6. @NiceThai

    I always want to try Xtreme One since it released because I used to create WordPress theme based on YAML layout but sadly I’d never finished it to full-fledged theme 😛

  7. Michael

    @NiceThai: You can do it with Xtreme One in minutes.
    @all: I wish you luck!

  8. Lucifr

    I want to give it a try.

  9. Kevin

    It looks like a great framework, I can’t wait to check it out.

  10. gustao

    great framework!

  11. chris

    great framework, how can we get an update? im still using 1.1

  12. Ҝ۱ĿĿǺΒЏИИγ

    Would love to use it in my new css learning projects, can’t afford it yet tho. 8( Looks great though.

  13. Shari

    Looks like a great framework…would really love to put it to work!

  14. Paul OFlaherty

    Would lover to try out the framework and put it through it’s paces 🙂

  15. Chris M.

    I hope I win the raffle! I’m putting my comment in… Looks like a great system! Keep up the great work!

  16. Scott Daris

    Another framework to play around with. They keep getting better as people work out the kinks.

  17. Erez

    Hope wo Win!!!

  18. raffaw

    i never used a framework for wp

  19. Sumon seleem

    Looks like a great framework. Eager to try this. Hope to get a free copy!

  20. Alex

    @Chris, just log into our support forum and go to News & Releases. There you can download it. 🙂

    @all, thanks a lot for your compliments. We are glad you like it! Good luck to everyone!

  21. Andre

    Nice framework, would be happy if I win one and can test it.

  22. Ashmita

    Nice child theme friendly framework.!/WPThemeInfo/status/114612592756011008

  23. paul

    Do want.

  24. Travis Smith

    The framework looks great with some excellent features!

  25. Nirmal Shah

    Would love to have this and try developing new themes..

  26. TRY

    Awesome giveaway.I would love to win and try this Framework…

    Tweet shared here:!/give4away/status/114808640120176640

    Best Regards

  27. Gabe Casalett

    This is great! I’m about to start a new WP project!

  28. reza

    it’s awesome ! I hope i’ll win.

  29. dkjicsow

    hope i get it

  30. Cristian Nebunu

    Since i’m just starting to learn about wordpress and how it works, this would really be helpful. Who knows, maybe some I will be able to build a framework of my own 😀

  31. Masoud

    Hey man
    It’s really great.
    Nice job,thank you very much

  32. ali

    i love it

  33. amir

    it,s great
    but we shoud test it

  34. amin

    I hope i’ll win.

  35. Mahdi Hoshyar

    great framework!

  36. Mohsen Ghiasi

    Third try 😉!/mohsengham/status/115430003394613248

  37. frank

    Great. Do want!

  38. Javad Zarei

    it’s great for WordPress buddies!

    Thank you!

  39. Ari Arsyadi

    Yes, this is a wonderful offer indeed. And after browsing through the features myself, I am impressed with the feature which allows solid, fluid and flexible layouts. No doubt, this will be highly useful for my current project.

  40. Johan Sundberg

    Looks like a really interesting framework. 🙂

  41. MHM5000

    ready to win 😉

  42. rdlreyes

    one of the better framework out there

  43. Peiman

    Count me in 🙂!/peimant/status/115870978562719744

  44. Jauhari

    Count Me in please…

  45. Fonky

    Building a site upon a framework increases dev time.
    By the way, I’d like to win 😉

  46. rasool

    I want it 😉

  47. Josh N.

    So many buttons and switches and stuff! I… I want to push all of them.

  48. Stefan

    Great Framework!

  49. Edwin

    The xtreme framework for free? That is xtremely awesome.

    I want it

  50. Heesang

    xtreme framework seems useful!
    I’ll hope to get it.

  51. Thomas

    Das klingt vielversprechend und würde ich sehr gerne ausprobieren

  52. Jeff Bayer

    Xtreme One looks like a nice WP framework. Definitely considering this one.

  53. Affan Ruslan

    i’ve seen the demo of this theme before and it’s really fantastic.
    i really want it so bad!

  54. Anwar

    Loved their mainimalist theme 🙂

    Hope the framework is powerful ! !

  55. Alex

    Thanks to everyone and we are glad that you like what you see so far.

    @Anwar, you can be sure it is powerful 🙂

    @all, next week we will release a new version. So watch out for more great features!

    Of course the winner will get the newest version, since nobody needs to buy a new license for each update. All future updates are included in Xtreme One.

  56. Jaye

    I hope to win, I’m ready to start using a framework

  57. Sidd

    Now.The DevPress guys and WPEngineer are my WordPress gurus. I can’t imagine what a great product roll out it must be, coming from my guru.
    I need to win this.

  58. Marcelo Mgerais

    i want this!! very nice pra xuxu framework theme!

  59. Dhaval Pathak

    Awesome child Framework.
    count me in.

  60. Alpesh

    Best framework ever seen!/WPNewsStation/status/117145563178340352

  61. Kim

    Very curious and hoping to get the possibility to try this framework out. Looks like a great framework!

  62. Sadiq

    Xtreme One For the Win!

  63. Snivellius

    Totally count me in! Thanks

  64. Marius

    Sweet! Would love one!

  65. David

    Not only I want to use this framework, want to learn from it.
    Thanks for the contest!
    Good luck everyone

  66. Masoud

    So who is the winner?

  67. Ҝ۱ĿĿǺΒЏИИγ

    Where we suppose to come to Germany for the results? 8)

  68. Alex

    We just announced the winner of the licenses here:

    Congrats to the winner!

    Everybody else can grab a 20% discount for Xtreme One until October 3rd 2011 with the coupon code: WCK11

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