Frank holding a session at WordCamp Germany

Winner of Xtreme One WordPress Framework And Pictures of WordCamp Germany!

Thanks a lot for the great participation to win 5 Xtreme One WordPress Framework licenses inclusive a Childtheme!

We did the drawing of the winner this weekend at the WordCamp Germany right after our session, where we also introduced the new features of the upcoming version 1.4. Congratulation to all winners and if you didn’t win, get a WordCamp Germany special discount of 20% until October 3rd 2011. Just use the coupon code WCK11.

The lucky winners are:

Gabe Casalett
Affan Ruslan
محسن غیاثی (

We will contact each winner and they can also choose their favorite Childtheme. Congrats!

Everybody else might grab a copy for 20% discount!

You can check out some pictures of WordCamp Germany 2011 in Cologne here.





11 responses to “Winner of Xtreme One WordPress Framework And Pictures of WordCamp Germany!”

  1. chris Avatar

    If i didnt already have a copy I would buy 😉

  2. Alex Avatar

    Hey Chris, thanks for your compliment and spreading out the word! 🙂

  3. chris Avatar

    on a side note, has the snippets plugin been updated since the latest one back in march i think?

    sorry about the offtopic reply

  4. Mohsen Ghiasi Avatar

    Hi Alex,
    Thank you for this Xtreme Monday! 😉

  5. Alex Avatar

    Our pleasure Mohsen 🙂

    We sent you already an email to contact us, did you receive it?

  6. Mohsen Ghiasi Avatar

    You added a comment in my blog and I approved it 😉
    I’ll contact you soon!
    Thank you againnnnnnn 🙂

  7. Frank Avatar

    @Chris: do you have an problem with the plugin, the last version is 1.2.3; please check this or send me an mail with your problem, i will fix this; many thansk!

  8. Affan Avatar

    yeah i won it!
    however, i haven’t received any email (so far)

  9. sjiehan Avatar

    congratz my freens affan~

  10. Alex Avatar

    Hey Affan, I sent you an email yesterday via your website, but looks like you didn’t get it.

    I sent you another one today again. Did you get it this time? If not, please contact me directly at alex at


  11. Affan Avatar

    @Alex: Yeah I just got it. Thanks and will reply your email soon