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  • Enqueue comment-reply.js – The Right Way

    Enqueue comment-reply.js – The Right Way

    Since Google takes the loading time of a page as a ranking factor, it is always important for a theme designer to incorporate the required resources correctly. In Xtreme One WordPress Framework our JavaScripts are loaded only when they are really needed. Do you have a slider widget on the home page, then the JavaScript […]

  • Win 5 Licenses Of The New WordPress Framework Xtreme One Version – Including Awesome New Features!

    Win 5 Licenses Of The New WordPress Framework Xtreme One Version – Including Awesome New Features!

    With version 1.3 many features were added to improve the workflow and significantly improve page performance. An overview of all the special features of Xtreme Theme can be seen here: Besides many small changes under the hood, the new Widget System Extensions is one of the biggest innovation in Xtreme One. For multisite installations widgets […]

  • Launching WordPress Framework Xtreme One!

    We are very happy and proud to announce the international launch of Xtreme One WordPress Framework today. After a very successful one month pre-launch in Germany we are excited to offer Xtreme One for only $79,95 worldwide now. Xtreme One was programmed by Heiko and I, Alex is responsible for the design. Why another WordPress […]

  • Flattr Button for WordPress without a Plugin

    There is a lot talking about Flattr and the idea certainly is worth a try. That’s why I wanted to test and integrate Flattr in our blog. However, I don’t really like the Plugin and that’s why I created a small little function, which integrates the button as you can see right under the tweets […]

  • Use More Flexibility In WordPress Templates

    Those who have wanted to create their Theme for WordPress quite flexible, and loves the modularization, had always to involve the path to the template. With WordPress 3.0, this will be different and it is possible to use a function, which makes it easy to load the template.

  • Load A Stylesheet Only If Use Gallery

    In relation to the better Gallery it is actually not necessary to load the stylesheet if there is no gallery, so it is worth it to check in advance whether the gallery will be used in the post or not. For this you have to parse the post which can be done in two ways.