Launching WordPress Framework Xtreme One!

We are very happy and proud to announce the international launch of Xtreme One WordPress Framework today. After a very successful one month pre-launch in Germany we are excited to offer Xtreme One for only $79,95 worldwide now. Xtreme One was programmed by Heiko and I, Alex is responsible for the design.

Why another WordPress Framework?

My idea of a WordPress Framework starts where most of the others are given up – to give the user the complete control of his layout. That’s why Xtreme One is worldwide the only WordPress Framework, which is able to create fixed, fluid and flexible layouts. Create in a matter of minutes your own desired website layout with just a few mouse clicks! Check out the video and get convinced by Xtreme One.

Focus on the most important thing – your vision!

Efficient functions enables you to work extremely fast, without writing code. Hence, you have more time to create your design.

It’s the details that matter

  • 6 layout variations in content area.
  • Widths of sidebars flexible adjustable in px, em or %
  • Free positionable navigations with 4 different stylesheets for WP Menus, page or categories
  • Able to add teaser and footer with dynamical created widget areas in 28 layout variations and up to 5 columns.
  • Layoutmanager  – different layouts and sidebars
  • 12 additional widgets: 3 slider widgets, 5 widgets for column and row based output of your articles and pages, printable and accessible tabber, last tweets, newsletter and social links.
  • 3 comment form layouts, additional text fields, adjustable avatar size and alignment
  • Combining of stylesheets and stylesheet compression.
  • Multisite and Localization ready, in English and German.
  • Extensive documentation, support forum, knowledgebase, free updates
  • and a lot more

Launch rebate until December 13th

To celebrate the launch of Xtreme One Framework, we will give you a $10 rebate until December 13th. Just type in LAUNCH in the Discount Coupon field when you check out.

And that’s only the beginning!

In the coming months, we will come up with many more innovative ideas for Xtreme One and we will try to make Xtreme One the best WordPress Framework out there. I know it’s tough goal, but we will try to deliver!

Buy it now for a limited time for $69,95 and receive free updates with even more features in the future. We hope you will enjoy Xtreme One!

We are looking forward to hear your feedback!

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  1. LexX Noel

    Looks great, but nothing for me.

    I like to do some Personal changes in the Code, hardcoded. When i do this, by using this Framework, that would a bit tricky.

    And there are Tons of Free Themes out there, why pay for that?

  2. Alex

    Hey LexX Noel,

    Instead of hard coding you can make changes in a second. Further adjustments and styling can be made easily in a Childtheme. Also some people without great coding skills find this much easier. It is perfect for web designers or agencies who like to save much more time without giving up their freedom to customize.

    But of course there are people like you, who like to do the same over and over again. But, as you said, this is a personal preference and everybody has to choose their way of creating a website. As for me, I rather start from scratch instead of using any websites, since I don’t need most of the CSS styles, which are already in free Themes. With Xtreme One now, I can do the layout fast and simple and concentrate on the design.

    To answer your last question, if you have enough free time and skills to do the changes on a free Theme, then there is no reason to pay for it.

    Counter question:

    Why do people go to a restaurant except of having a romantic dinner now and then and pay much more than cooking home?

    Because they don’t have the time or the skills to cook as good as the Chef in a restaurant.

  3. Ben

    Congrats for Xtreme One, it sounds very good.
    I’ very interested in it, but can’t make a decision yet. I have to see how Xtreme One feels – a Demo-Version would be great! Without demo-version I can’t make a decision right now. I trust you guys, no matter. You are doing a great job. But I don’t exactly know, if xtreme one will help me. I guess yes, but I don’t want to pay 70 € to see if I’m right or wrong.

    One other question: What’s about html5 and xtreme one? Basic-Elements like nav, footer, article and aside are working now in nearly every browser (with a little bit of js), does xtreme one support html5?

  4. Alex

    Hey Ben, thanks a lot for your trust in us. I know it is difficult to buy something without trying it, but we can make assure you will be very satisfied and you won’t regret to spend 70€ to save you a lot time and hassle.

    Unfortunately we cannot provide a demo, since everybody would mess up the settings if several people would try out the demo at the same time and change the settings.

    And if you have any questions while creating your websites, we will help you quickly in our support forum in German or English.

    To answer your question, as of right now we are developing a function to switch to HTML5 support with just a click in your backend.

  5. Eric

    I agree with Ben, being able to interact with a live demonstration version would be a huge value-add to your sales. More than that, being able to see the variation in child themes powered by your framework would be equally enticing.

    I recently bought the Genesis framework; not necessarily because I thought it was the best, but because the number of vastly different child themes available demonstrated the sheer power and flexibility of the system. Realizing that each was created not by hard-coding changes in the framework but by dropping a child theme onto the framework made it that much easier to shell out the cash for the system.

    Without being able to a) try a system, b) see the system in action, or c) see what the system is capable of in the hands of a good designer, it’s nearly impossible for me to justify any expense for it, let alone $80.

    While I understand you “assure [I] will be very satisfied and won’t regret” my purchase, you’re not the first to make that promise … and few ever live up to it. In an age of free themes, theme demos, and true open source projects, it’s very difficult to justify an $80 purchase of something I can’t try or see in action first.

  6. Mehmet

    Cong on framework Alex, and to other guys behind the development

    You can actually set up a WordPress Multi Network, allow user registration and announce it as theme playground

  7. Alex

    @Eric, Mehment and Ben,

    we would really love to show you a demo of the backend, but as I mentioned before it is not that easy.

    We were thinking about it before of course, but if we would have a Demo for Xtreme One admin available for everyone it would not work, since several people at the same time would make some changes to the settings.

    User A would set the sidebar to left, User B to right, User C would have two sidebars and so on. All settings would interfere with the setting of other users, who are trying out the demo at the same time.

    We do understand that you don’t like to buy something you don’t know if it’s suitable for you, but we just can show you the trailer on this video and not the whole “movie”.

    That’s why we have an extensive FAQ page, where you get all your answers you probably need, a knowledgebase and our support forum. Or you can contact us if you have any other questions.

    @Eric, you certainly didn’t have a demo of the Genesis Theme before you bought it. You were just buying it because of the other showcases and reviews by other users. Unfortunately we are at the beginning but we will add more and more examples of websites, which were built with Xtreme Theme, so c) will be accomplished. 🙂

    Like you, I also had the experience people like to over promise their product. But we have to maintain a reputation, which we established on WP Engineer. And we like to keep this reputation for Xtreme One too. We don’t want to offer just another WordPress Framework. We want to be among the best.

    I just checked out every other commercial WordPress Framework and none of them has a demo available. Which does mean we might be the first in the future. But it won’t be very soon.

    As I said, I’m sure more showcases like are coming and you can see the demos of our Childtheme on this page: , just click on the demo buttons.

    @Mehmet, thanks for the congrats and for your tip, but I mentioned the real problem at the beginning of the comment. Multi Site installation with Xtreme One is not a problem at all. Our website is running on a Multi Site installation.

    But thanks a lot for your feedback and concerns, we will take it as a challenge to fulfill your demand and make Xtreme One even better.

    As we said in our post: That’s only the beginning! 🙂

    If you have other questions, feel free to let us know!

  8. Andy Symonds

    From watching the video you have posted I think this framework really looks promising with features like the slider admin interface seemingly unique but I have to agree that you could do with some more example child themes to sell it to people who can’t afford to take the $79,95 gamble on “another framework”.

    If you guys haven’t got the time to do this then have you thought about giving some WordPress developers the framework for free or “trade price” and then allowing them to create some child themes and buzz for you? If you did this and allowed developers to then link to some form of affiliate scheme we would be willing to take a gamble and create some child themes ASAP and promote this if it is as good as you say it is 🙂

  9. Alex

    Hey Andy,

    more Childthemes are in the works right now, with complete different styles. We are also have plans to distribute Xtreme One in different ways to make it more popular and let the people know what it is able to do. Also the possibility to let developer and designer participate in creating Childthemes is in the plans of course.

    We know it’s a long hard way. BTW, the $10 discount is the reward to be one of the first users. If our Framework would be just the same as most of the others, we wouldn’t have even considered to start yet another Framework. Why should we, there are plenty out there.

    So it’s up to you of course to take the $69,95 gamble on NOT just “another framework” 🙂

  10. Andy Symonds

    Haha the choice is mine / ours I know 🙂

    How about selling child themes – are you going to have a marketplace for this as we might be keen to test the water if you would sell any we create?

    Also you didn’t reply to my question about whether you have plans for an affiliate program? This is important for us.

  11. Alex

    Sorry, forgot to mention, the affiliate program is in the pipe and will be released very soon. Hopefully next week.

    Yes, a marketplace will be done of course, so end users and theme developer/designer will have an advantage to have a great selection of Childthemes and earn money.

    Let me know if you have any other questions!

  12. Ed Gray

    Looks like a great framework and I have tried many of them. Also, the price appears to be fair especially when you take in account the savings in development time and cost. I would like to see a video of the integrated widgets.

    Yes, there are free themes and plugins. And if you know PHP you can hard code any number of custom features, but having a framework like this offers so much flexibility, ease of use and a big savings in time which is in a very limited quantity. I think some WordPress developers or designers are concerned that frameworks like this will put them out of business, but I think they over estimate the technical proficiency of your average business person. They will still need the services of developers and designers. A framework like this makes it easier for the designer to focus more on the design and less on the code. Also, developers should expand their services by offering hosting and leverage the WordPress multi-site functions.

  13. Alex

    @Ed, I couldn’t say it better. Thank you!


    You make a good point, Ed, but I as a developer, I really don’t want my designers in the code, per se. I want them to have a basic understanding of what it takes to code, but IMHO, the designer shouldn’t be anywhere near the framework.

    My biggest problem with any framework, from personal experience, is the “unknowns”. I’ve been knee-deep in projects where I needed to do something that would have been very easy with some simple codex functions, but because of the complex overlay of the framework, I was unable to use the codex function. Granted I should have checked that beforehand, but it’s very hard to take any new framework and know ahead of time that it will be 100% compatible with what you want to do. The only way, IMHO, to guarantee that you can do everything you want with precise control of all aspects of the site (which is what my clients demand), is to go back to the basics and work directly the the wp codebase and codex. I’ve written an article on about wordpress frameworks and the problems I see with them — Alex has kindly replied with his thoughts, as well.

  15. Gavin

    Great stuff!

    I was just wondering if every blog (multisite) has the same functionality or if it’s just the super admins that have access.

  16. Alex

    @Gavin, every blog has the same functionality, so you can customize each blog completely different., we shared our thoughts on your post already. And I understand his concerns, that’s why we tried to keep Xtreme One close to WordPress, a simple overlay yet powerful. We don’t want the users learn a complete new system, many functions are know from the WordPress system already, so there is no need to start learning something completely new. We want the user to be familiar with Xtreme One, that they still feel they work in a WordPress environment just with an extra kick! 🙂

  17. Joe

    This framework is great…one of the best I have seen. And the price is very fair, given the functionality and flexibility.

    I really don;t understand all the “hub-bub” around making changes to it. If you’re a newbie, you go with the framework, maybe change a primary CSS attribute, and wait for child themes to roll out.

    If you are a WP developer, we need to take the time to learn the framework. Typically this only takes about 2 hours. However, there is a LOT going on here with Xtreme, so the time to get acquainted may be 3 hours. 🙂

    Once you are up to speed with Xtreme, it’s just a matter of loading your firebug and web developer FF add-ons (plus a few others) and going to town. All you have to do is save the new CSS, rename it, upload, and point to it from WP admin. And if something is a little beyond CSS, write some html, stuff it into the text widget, and go.

    For me, the time killer are the functions and widget development. The brief video demo shows me, that these guys have a WP framework that is first in class.

    I mean, did you see the video on the nav type, number, and placement? Wow!

    I don;t work for these guys, or know them. However, I am all about production. This framework will enable me to pump out themes very quickly. My dilemma is I am very deep into the Studio Press Genesis framework.

    Alex, would you post a demo site using this framework so I (we) could take a closer look at what you have going on?



  18. Joe


    I would also suggest making a series of videos, with audio, walking the viewer through each configuration section.


  19. Alex

    Hey Joe, thanks a lot for your nice comment. I’m glad you see the real potential of Xtreme One as it is more powerful than most of the already existing frameworks. We do have demo sites of our Childthemes Indoor: Minimalist: and our knowledgebase as well as is running on Xtreme One. Or do you also mean having access to a demo backend, which we cannot provide, since it would interfere with other users if they select different settings at the same time.

    Thanks a lot for your suggestion, and we are going to do it, but we were very busy with the development of Xtreme One. 🙂 So this is the next we are going to do, creating Childthemes, tutorials and videos besides giving support to our users and implementing more great features into the next version of Xtreme One.

  20. Basilakis


    I am using iThemes Builder for A LOT of time now for their enginee. Bit i can see that yours might be better, with a lot more of options.

    I am a buyer who wants to test before buy. Is there a playground or something where we can see a demo of the panel?

  21. Alex

    Hi Basilakis,

    as of right now we cannot provide a demo of the panel, as I mentioned the reason in a previous comment. But we really appreciate your opinion and we hope you might try it out anyways.

  22. Aaron

    Where is the audio on the video? I cannot see what is going on

  23. Alex

    Hey Aaron, we will add audio to the video. BTW, you meant you can not hear what is going on. 😉

  24. Ben

    I just bought xtreme and will post a short insight/review in the next days on my blog. I’m looking really forward to it!

  25. Michael

    Thanks Ben! Cool idea 🙂

  26. Alex

    Just to let everybody know, we just released a new Childtheme. Check it out on

    We hope you like it. 🙂

    @Ben, I hope you like Xtreme One so far.

  27. Nicole Simon

    I am not sure why a demo should be a problem. Make all the files read only and ‘fix code’ the settings inside the php to not write to the data base.

    More or less it is not so much about people wanting to demo but to see the features in screenshots. What can I do with it? Before, after? What is available?

    The silent video (why btw?) is only showing some things briefly, so start doing those screenshots about options. 😉

  28. Alex

    Hey Nicole,

    thanks for the suggestions and you might be right just to let them show the backend without actually doing changes. We also added some screenshots of the backend on our website. Please check them out.

    And we will have a new video with sound in the near future. 🙂