Tag: WordPress Plugins

  • WordPress: Useful Default Configuration Settings Via Plugin

    Everybody who installs WordPress quite often knows the problem: You always have to do the same adjustments, for example deleting the Hello World post. That cost time and money. Our friend Thomas Scholz alias toscho had a simple but genius idea, he puts all needed option settings in a Plugin. Just activate the Plugin, deactivate […]

  • Check If Required Plugin Is Active

    It might be, that your own written Plugin requires another stand alone Plugin to be active. For example if you like to offer a version with enhanced functionality of a Plugin. There are certainly a variety of usage and the implementation is not difficult. For the implementation, we need the active Plugins, which are found […]

  • Warning Message For Self Customized Plugins

    Now and then you have to modify an existing Plugin for your own special needs. But you still get a message if an update exists for the original Plugin. If you modified the Plugin several month ago and you forgot about it, so you update the Plugin and all your modifications are gone. Most of […]

  • A Chance: WordPress Plugin Competition

    No matter for what reason we developed Plugins, whether hobby coder, professional or agencies working with clients, the variety of Plugins supports the continued growth of the WordPress community. Nevertheless, just one event in the year is dedicated to Plugins for WordPress – The Plugin Competition. Here you can present your Plugin to the community […]

  • Recents Drafts All Authors

    It’s not uncommon that a blog runs by different authors, so it may be useful if you can have a quick look at the drafts of all authors. In our joint blog WP Engineer we created a feed, which keeps us up to date if a new draft of all authors were created. The work […]

  • Some More Details About The WP System Health Plugin

    My friend Heiko Rabe wrote this Plugin, which shows all system relevant data of a WordPress intallation. It’s a pure information tool, you cannot change any data or settings. The Plugin shows 4 tabs with information about the “System”, “PHP” version, some “WordPress” functions, constants and “Database”.