Some More Details About The WP System Health Plugin

My friend Heiko Rabe wrote this Plugin, which shows all system relevant data of a WordPress intallation. It’s a pure information tool, you cannot change any data or settings. The Plugin shows 4 tabs with information about the “System”, “PHP” version, some “WordPress” functions, constants and “Database”.

System View

PHP View

WordPress View

Database ViewThe Plugin works with WordPress 2.7 or higher. It will be published on the repository of soon, but if you need it immediately, you can download it on Heiko’s website (Plugin is in English, the post is in German).





3 responses to “Some More Details About The WP System Health Plugin”

  1. Samuel Avatar

    Very nice plugin, the only thing I miss is a field for the server cpu load.

    That will be really useful information.

  2. Caspar Avatar

    Uhm… system, not sytem, right? No big deal, it just looks odd. 😉

  3. Michael Avatar

    Thanks Casper! Fixed.