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  • Redirects To Another Page In WordPress Backend

    Redirects To Another Page In WordPress Backend

    WordPress allows using a function, to simple redirect to a URL, the function wp_redirect() enables to specify an address and a status. This makes it easy to realize a forward even in the backend of WordPress. Two different examples will illustrate this. The difference lies in the query of the URL, which will be checked.

  • New Category Templates in WordPress 2.9

    Until now you had to use a query in your theme or a Plugin to adjust the design or the content according to a specific category. In version 2.9 the template hierarchy gets expanded and you can create with the help of a slug an own template.

  • New Feature for WordPress 2.9 – WordPress Image Editor

    We already wrote about some new features, such as new filter and the Trash-function in WordPress. It has long been known that WordPress 2.9 will add some features for image editing – the users want these features, right in the core and not as a Plugin. You can get a first insight into the current…

  • Deactivate WordPress Default Widgets

    You do not always want to have all the widgets active, which comes within the WordPress core. You can disable the unneccessary Widgets in your functions.php of your theme with a small function. The following syntax will switch off all the standard widgets. It should therefore be adjusted depending on your requirements: // unregister all…

  • Change the WordPress Message

    The notifications of WordPress for the author of an article or comments are not always right on the spot according to the needs. WordPress also knew that and created these functions so that it’s easy to adapt notifications to your needs or can completely be replaced. Therefore, I will briefly show how to adjust the…

  • A Chance: WordPress Plugin Competition

    No matter for what reason we developed Plugins, whether hobby coder, professional or agencies working with clients, the variety of Plugins supports the continued growth of the WordPress community. Nevertheless, just one event in the year is dedicated to Plugins for WordPress – The Plugin Competition. Here you can present your Plugin to the community…