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  • debugConsole with WordPress

    For debugging inside of WordPress there are different approaches and preferences. I like xDebug and in some cases I use FirePHP. Now there is another possibility which I had to test at least once – debugConsole – I like it. The debugConsole is a tool for debugging and tracing PHP5 applications on productive servers without […]

  • Small Tips Using WordPress and jQuery

    Inside of WordPress are several of JavaScript libraries available, you can use them easily and you don’t need an extra Theme or Plugins. Also, this is the recommended approach to enable libraries , so they won’t be loaded more than once. Some notes on these two topics can be found in the article Use JavaScript […]

  • WordPress Import Not Include In WP Core

    WordPress Import Not Include In WP Core

    WordPress came with several new or changed features – one feature which changed is the functionality to import content from other systems.

  • Our WordPress Developer Toolbox

    Again and again the question comes in: What do you use as an environment to develop with WordPress. Some suggestions I would like to give, these are just my preferences, but I would be happy if you tell me your preferences of tools. Maybe there is one or the other useful tool included, I never […]

  • WordPress Developer Hint

    With WordPress 3.0 debugging will be easier, whereas one constants gets eliminated and an already existing constant will do their work. For developers the following 3 constants are important and should exist in every wp-config.php of a development system. Please use it with precaution on a live system! Add define(‘WP_DEBUG’, true); to wp-config.php to enable […]

  • Shortlinks with WordPress 3.0

    There will be a new function in the coming 3.0 version, which will create a shortlink to a post. At default it will be in the header of your frontend.