WordPress Import Not Include In WP Core

WordPress came with several new or changed features – one feature which changed is the functionality to import content from other systems.

WordPress offers under “Tools” to import data of other applications or a XML-file of another WordPress installation. But since WordPress 3.0 you need a Plugin because it is no longer in WordPress core. The installation of the Plugin is easy and has the usual steps to activate a Plugin.

This is the first time, that WordPress is going into the direction of using Core-Plugins. There are many formats available if you check out the profile of WordPress, and maybe someone can create additional importers for other formats.





3 responses to “WordPress Import Not Include In WP Core”

  1. Leon Brain Avatar

    This is a step in the right direction. Plugins are the way to go. I hate it when people decide to edit core WP files instead of creating an easy plugin. Why edit core when you’re going to have to go through and make all those changes again as soon as you need an upgrade?

  2. JhezeR Avatar

    I was test wp 3 on localhost and find API problem for import fitur, what sould i do?

  3. daniel Avatar

    I tried this plugin, but it drops the connections between post-tags and post-cats during the import. What could I do?