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  • Use Constants for deactivate the Editor in WordPress Backend

    WordPress is known for, that several constants lie dormant in the core and often provide quick solutions. In this context I have recently come across two little strings in the core of the backend editor of WordPress and in the core for updating the system as well. As far as I know, all constants mentioned […]

  • View Blog ID in WordPress Multisite

    When you work quite a bit with WordPress Multisites, sometimes you need the IDs for some functions or Plugins. The easiest way is via the hover effect with your mouse or you use a little code snippet to add a column with the ID in the table view.

  • WordPress Template Tag Reference Guide

    WordPress Template Tag Reference Guide

    There is a new, nicely organized, Reference Guide for Template Tags in WordPress 3.0. This is a nice resource next to the Codex for Template Tags. Visual nicely done and containing only the minimum information, the guide is a perfect tool when developing Themes. Have fun using it.

  • Remove WordPress Multisite Feature – ToDo List!

    You can activate the Multisite functionality of WordPress relatively quick and it is well explaind in the backend how to do it. But not always you like to keep it as a multi site installation and therefore you have to do some measures to remove the Network function again. Not easy and probably not an […]

  • Understand WordPress Child Theme

    With version 3.0 of WordPress, the much anticipated feature of Child Themes was integrated or some might say it was improved, since it was actually possible to use it. I like to show you an example based on the new default Theme TwentyTen how you use it. Another example can be found in my WP […]

  • Custom Post Type and Permalink

    Since WordPress 3.0 you can use Custom Post Types and you can define your own types of content – it’s more like pages than posts! Thereby you can use automatically the Permalink structure of your WordPress installation. That means, if you create a new post type, you can use Permalinks. But the Permalinks only work […]