New Feature for WordPress 2.9 – WordPress Image Editor


We already wrote about some new features, such as new filter and the Trash-function in WordPress. It has long been known that WordPress 2.9 will add some features for image editing – the users want these features, right in the core and not as a Plugin. You can get a first insight into the current development version. Since not everybody is working with it, here are some screenshots of the editor for images. The screenshots certainly speak for themselves:







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  1. Fabian Avatar

    It seems to be a nice feature. However, it is not necessary! After the critics concerning to the security and the problems with the memory_limit, there are more important things that should be done. I like WordPress and many more like it, too. However, many people will not trust WordPress anymore.

  2. Aw Avatar

    Can’t wait to use this 🙂

  3. countzeero Avatar

    I agree with Fabian, wordpress should be devoting more effort to improving security and performance and not to adding “bloat” functionality that is better achieved already by a plethora of desktop and web apps. Disappointed and confused as to why the WP dev team made this decision.

  4. nelsHD Avatar

    Yes !
    A great dev ! Thanx

  5. Matthew Avatar

    Totally unnecessary. The dev team should create ‘core plugins’ and release them separately

  6. Otto Avatar

    Awesome. I can see lots and lots of uses for this. Very handy.

  7. Greg Falken Avatar

    This feature is cool but unnecessary. In practice, I doubt that the WP editor will be a good environment for image editing. WordPress should focus on refining its core competency: content management.

  8. Michael Avatar

    Nice discussion :p

  9. Muhammad Haris Avatar

    I hope I can use the functions in my themes so that I don’t have to use timthumb anymore for thumbnails.

  10. Andreas Nurbo Avatar

    This really should be a plugin instead.
    Making it core feature also make people wary of making anything better.
    I have always had the impression that they want to keep WP clean and simple. This just makes it more bloated and probably more error prone.

  11. Alex Avatar

    Like Michael said, great discussion. As the WP Engineer Team already expressed their opinion about more features in WP in this post:

    We are happy to see others who have the same opinion. 🙂

    BTW, I think it’s not the fault of the Dev Team, but the choice was made by the users, an overwhelming number of people wanted this. As you can see here: everybody had the chance to vote.

  12. James Ross Avatar

    As much as I agree with the notion that this is bloat, I also have a number of clients that use Word Press essentially as a CMS. This should help the UNSAVVY do the most basic scaling and web-readying of images.

  13. McSalmon Avatar

    I’m on the side of the people that think this is feature bloat. As a developer I need improved security and performance.

  14. Nitin Reddy Katkam Avatar

    This is a long-awaited development that will help many users who aren’t computer-savvy to be able to get images onto their blogs without requiring them to learn Photoshop or other photo editing software.

    I hope this version is released sooner, rather than later 😉

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  16. neil skoglund Avatar

    if you use this for what im seeing its designed for “minor” edits rather than full edits, it looks like a great featue. many times ive had to wait for the bloat of photoshop to open just to trim the image height or so forth.

  17. Brian Dusablon Avatar

    If they can keep this relatively simple and fast, I see it as a potentially good feature. I use WordPress as a CMS with clients, and giving them an option to edit their uploaded images in one place is nice.

    However, I always feel it’s better to edit images before uploading them to the web, and there are plenty of free tools to do this.

    I would prefer a more secure, more enhanced CMS over this image feature, if I had my choice.

  18. David Avatar

    That does look pretty nice. Thanks for posting that. While it is a great feature I have to admit I agree with the guys about security features.

    Security is a major issue we need to keep on top of.

    Thanks again.

  19. Robert Avatar

    Looks nice but it is **completely unnecessary**. Please prioritize improvements! Security, efficiency, stability, etc. are MUCH more important.

  20. Justin Wright Avatar

    It looks like like a cool feature, but I would much prefer using an image editing program like Photoshop prior to uploading the photos. It gives me a lot more flexibility and options. Plus I can optimize the images for the web so they load a lot faster.

    Like mentioned above, I think security should be a much larger concern. Also, a more advanced set of CMS options would be a great addition.

  21. Michael Avatar

    Justin, most people don’t have Photoshop.

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  23. Oscar Godson Avatar

    Michael, everyone can get Gimp. He said “like”.

    I feel like WordPress is just becoming pure bloat. There are things that are needed like better security, cleaner code, better file/image handling, etc.

  24. hagbard celine Avatar
    hagbard celine

    “BTW, I think it’s not the fault of the Dev Team, but the choice was made by the users, an overwhelming number of people wanted this. As you can see here: everybody had the chance to vote.”


    Just another example of why democracy is stupid. Don’t let end users drive your product. If the masses have their way, they will vote for bread and circuses.

  25. Hami | ActivR Avatar

    Well this would be great to have a built-in image editor for WordPress . Let’s see how popular they make it on first move.

    p.s. plus I hope they don’t deviate their concentration from WP security towards new features and maintaining them.

  26. […] WPEngineering blog has posted some screenshots which shows the Image Editor that WordPress has been working on recently.  The version is still unfinished and may alter with the final version. Here we have two image for Image Editor that look so intresting. […]

  27. xphunt3r Avatar

    I just hope this will be great addition to wordpress if it doesn’t slow the performance of wordpress. It is also one of the important step for security of WP 2.9. Who knows the 3rd party image editor is safe for your wordpress? But with this we are sure to be safe…………

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  30. John Myrstad Avatar

    I dont buy the bloat arguments.

    Images = content and WordPress didnt do a good job with images, it lacked features to make it a good content publishing system.

    Integrated features will help people publish images with better usability so its a content quality improvement, not bloat. Crop functionality with jcrop was already included in core in 2.8, so its not adding bloat, its taking use of whats already included in a better way.

    Its based on popular Scissors plugin which has 40.000 + downloads so its a well tested solution.

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  32. John Myrstad Avatar

    Andreas Nordbo: This really should be a plugin instead.
    Making it core feature also make people wary of making anything better.

    Its based of Stephan Reiters Scissors plugin, which will be deprecated when 2.9 comes out. Its out for forking so those who wants to make something better may start where Stephan leaves. Its a win/win situation, not a problem.

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  35. Dan Avatar

    I’d say even more than this, WordPress needs a better media library and some core functions that would allow other plugins to hook into the library and be able to create different views (thumbnails, etc) for selecting, uploading and organizing files. I’m sure this is technically possible today but every plugin author shouldn’t have to write their own implementation of a media library to include with their plugin.

    Anything outside of the actual media library just gets a list of filenames which isn’t very user friendly when working with a lot of images.

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  37. Mathdelane Avatar

    This addition is something to look forward to because it can be beneficial to easily manage and edit images without the need of any software prior to upload. With this, users simply have to upload then crop it in admin, and that’s it.

    If I were to look at it in the long run, it’s not that necessary because jcrop is already utilized in the core of 2.8. Now, what impact can it have in terms of future updates and security assuming it has gone obsolete and needs updating or has been compromised?

  38. Wisam Avatar

    I agree with what neil skoglund said. I know how to do photoshop editing but it takes time for any software to load. This should come pretty handy especially when I am not using my computer and I don’t have a photo editor lying around and I need simple edit. Currently, I am using Scissors plugin and it’s been working just fine.

  39. p Avatar

    Not necessary! We don’t need a Photoshop in WordPress! plus there’s already a web version of Photoshop. There are more pressing concerns, like the lack of separation of model, view, and controller in WP that makes it hard to extend the base code! And why so many global functions? It’s time to move on from legacy code, better sooner than later, because there will be that many more great plugins that will need to be rewritten!

  40. Cyrille Avatar

    As a plugin would be great with choice to pickup option you may need.

    For instance , i need just to crop a part of an image , to fit within design in my wp article with preset sized … upload one image and then produce 2 or 3 sliced from any PC , one uplad and no need to start any program for so litte to do .

    … and scissors does not really suit to my needs , too many clicks , too many options , too heavy , too much into wp and not enoug (missing if you to edit image already in a post ) and so on … and of course doesn’t do any simple cropping as i wished .

    I think wordpress needs this kind of peticular things as plugin , but not built-in option . It’s obstrusive and might not feet to peoples need .

  41. Jehzeel Laurente Avatar

    Wowww! this feature is quite promising!

  42. David Avatar

    This is cool and all, but I would hope that they would clean up some of the code, make WordPress perform better and implement some features that aren’t as “glitzy” as this.

  43. theo Avatar

    i agree with David. wordpress should be improving performance, and security instead of adding features that really are not needed. what will they be adding next, video editing?!

  44. Daniella Avatar

    Yet more code written for PHP4!
    What the WordPress developers need to do is focus on core code and stop trying to add every feature under the sun into the core.
    I’m losing clients to other cms because they have lost confidence in WordPress with too many changes, too many upgrades and too many vulnerabilities.

    So what if 40k people downloaded the plugin? Thats a tiny fraction of WordPress installs. If the dev team thought it was such a great idea they could have offered an official plugin.

    I sure dont need image editing and will never use it. None of my clients need this either. What we need is secure code.

  45. Adam Avatar

    I would rather have the devs work on other things.

  46. Steven Vachon Avatar

    PHP has crappy jpeg compression, resulting in larger files and lesser crispness than images produced with Photoshop.

    I feel this is a waste of time for WP devs. They should’ve focused on speed or how to better compete with Joomla.

  47. هورنت Avatar

    I agree whith “Steven Vachon”
    And you should focuse on security !!

  48. Ken Avatar

    I think this is great, and absolutely necessary. Theme and plugin devs can do a lot, but we always have to consider the end user and that end user is usually less technical. Having an easy to use editor is a must for most of my clients.

    And as for security, WP is as stable as I’ve seen from most CMS’s. They can work on security and features at the same time.

  49. d Avatar

    this a designer/developer vs users/clients discussion – nothing more.

    of course designers/developers can use photoshop and all. and yes security is important. very important.

    but i know so many people who don’t know how to crop and stuff and those are the people who update the website later… when they upload crap images, the site looks like a piece of s…..t.

    the users have voted yes, but the survey was filled with loaded question already. it asked which media features should be implement next.

    i am still convinced that even developers will see the benefit of this integration. i am certainly happy about it and i think jane at wordpress has done a tremendous job cleaning up the admin and making it USER FRIENDLY instead of DEVELOPER FRIENDLY like most other systems.

    and don’t compare wordpress with joomla. joomla is a nightmare for a lot of users with less tech knowledge. completely overrated. joomla is a cms, wordpress is a content publishing tool or even more specific a blogging platform. and matt mullenweg often said, he’s never called wordpress a cms nor does he want to go down that way.

    that’s it for now. happy discussing…

  50. eas Avatar

    I love all the people here saying what they’d rather the WP Dev’s be working on. I agree, security, performance, extendability are all important, but what people don’t seem to get is that in a lot of cases, its not a question of a dev working on image editing vs security enhancements. It’s a question of the dev working on image editing, or not working on WordPress at all, because image editing is what he or she is interested in.

    I’m sure there are devs out there motivated by what members of the community are interested in seeing, but I have to wonder if the sort of entitlement so many commenters have in this thread makes them wonder why they bother at all.

    In any case, I’m glad to see this functionality moving in to the mainline. I discovered Scissors, the plugin that this functionality is apparently based on, early on when I was looking for a way to make it easy for my wife to resize images. She was uploading images and then adjusting the size in the wordpress editor, which led to crummy performance, because the browser was downloading the full sized images and then resizing them.

    Scissors came close, but it wasn’t great if you decided to adjust the size further later (as I recall, it ended up destroying the original, or at least loosing track of it). I wrote to Stephan, thanking him for the plugin, and suggesting a small improvement that would enable our usecase. We ended up going back and forth and in the end, rather than my half-assed suggestion, Stephan came up with something that integrated perfectly. I told him it worked so well, it should be built in to the product, and now it looks like it is going to be. Congratulations, Stephan!

  51. MaXfReZa Avatar

    Although I appreciate their creativity, this feature is totally USELESS!! … at least to web developers.

    On the other hand, if your just an average blogger who blogs instead of developing blogs you might enjoy this new feature.

    Flipping it back the the developers, we all have “gang-star” graphic programs and find this feature useless. So its a mixed bag. Only developers are complaining cause they have no need for it.

    Let me flip it to the middle…

    Although a developer/designer loath this feature, its a great selling point for a developer to encourage potential clients to spend money with you. So thumbs up for that!

    Now that you served the end-user who are the clients of developers, can WordPress now throw us (the web developers) a bone & give use core plugin that give more security, stability, extensibility, etc.?



  52. Naif Amoodi Avatar
    Naif Amoodi

    I agree with everyone who has written against the introduction of this new feature. What I have always loved about WordPress is it’s simplicity. Plugins should be used to extend the functionality of WordPress and only those features that would be useful to all and can be considered generic should be built into the system.

  53. Kamrul Avatar

    All rubbish man!
    First of all “wp-admin/theme-editor.php” needed to be improved.

    There is some code highlighting , line numbering fetchers …. required.

  54. Alex Avatar

    @the last 3 commenters and others, we with you guys, it should be rather a Plugin instead of having it in the core. But like some others said, the majority wanted this feature, even though it is an easy thing to use a Plugin for that.

  55. Yoha Avatar

    It should be a plugin, not a core component. Maybe a core plugin or something like that.

  56. Avatar

    Looking very good! Looking forward to start using it.

  57. Sue Bailey Avatar

    Don’t know if it’s me, my PC or WP, but it doesn’t appear to work anyway…

  58. Sue Bailey Avatar

    …scratch that, it does sometimes work. Now to figure out why it doesn’t *always*….

  59. thu Avatar

    it doesn’t appear to work for mine either. i could not see the ‘edit image’ option when ‘Edit Media’

  60. Moomette Avatar

    Doesn’t work for me and Scissors was much better, at least it allows you to use your own proportions without scaling. My Scissors plugin disappeared with this install.

  61. Joel López M. Avatar

    That function sucks! Is not necessary, really, you can use other free tools like Picnik… WordPress team has to worry about the security, fast panel or some problems with every upgrade… 🙁

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  63. C. Spencer Beggs Avatar
    C. Spencer Beggs

    It’s a bit rough at this point, but I am glad that this functionality is getting baked into the WordPress core. Without some conventions, image handling in WordPress would remain a mess.

  64. WordPress Toronto Avatar

    The screen shots in this post are different from the final release of WP 2.9. Check out my recent post for an updated detailed walk through. Uploading and Editing Images in WP 2.9

  65. Sebastian Avatar

    I really like this feature because it is an eeasy way to edit pictures without any offline editor. It’s a simple way to change the size of a picture or crop a part in just a minute or less.
    I like it also because I can provide my clients an even more functional CMS for theire websites.

    Sure there are pros and cons, but who does not like it can just do not use it! 😉