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  • Display Post Thumbnail Also In Edit Post and Page Overview

    WordPress version 2.9 introduced the function of Post Thumbnail. We wrote about this feature in this post and here and also in many other blogs. I find it an advantage, if the overview of articles and pages also provides the associated thumbnail. Therefore, I would like to introduce a small code snippet that makes just […]

  • WordPress Widget-Areas with Description

    Using WordPress version 2.9, there is now a possibility that we can write more detailed description for the widget areas. This is especially interesting when you define different widget areas, depending of categories or because the theme author defines various widget areas, that allows adjustments in more areas than just the sidebar. I do this […]

  • The Ultimative Guide For the_post_thumbnail In WordPress 2.9

    WordPress 2.9 RC1 is released and the new post thumbnail function will not change until the final version hopefully. I was chatting a little bit with Sergej Müller last night and we were trying some things out. We found out the following things:

  • Extend the User Contact Info in WordPress 2.9

    Joost de Valk wrote about a month ago a really great article about his idea, to expand the user contact fields (thanks Joost!). In version 2.9 you are able to use this possibility. Here a little example, how you can use this functionality.

  • Manage Multiple Excerpt Lengths

    Behind our 10th door of our Advent Calendar, we have a tip how to use multiple excerpt lengths. WordPress 2.9 allows you via filter to adjust excerpt more string and the length of the excerpt. But if you need several excerpt lengths for different templates, then what?

  • Configure WordPress Trash

    Check out our 7th door of our Advent Calendar. WordPress Trash will have it’s premiere in version 2.9. Now you can move every content, comment, post, pages, media and link to trash. It’s quite the same function as you know from other online applications or operating systems.