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  • Escaping the maintenance mode trap

    WordPress makes upgrading very easy . You simply click “Update now”, wait for a minute or two and your system is up to date. If, well if everything works fine. The most common problem during an upgrade is the Internet connection to drop unexpectedly or the user to shut down the browser unintentionally. In both […]

  • New hooks in WordPress 3.8

    WordPress 3.8 introduced one new action and five new filters: automatic_updates_complete Action triggered after all automatic updates have run. (wp-admin/includes/class-wp-upgrader.php) automatic_updates_debug_email Filter the debug email that can be sent following an automatic background core update. (wp-admin/includes/class-wp-upgrader.php) comment_notification_notify_author Filter whether to notify comment authors of their comments on their own posts. (wp-includes/pluggable.php) dashboard_glance_items Include additional elements […]

  • Every Day A Post of WordPress Tips and Tricks until Christmas!

    The time has come and our loyal reader know already our traditional Advents Calendar. For the people who don’t know, every year we had in December each day, until the 24th (Christmas Eve in Germany), a post with specials, tips, tricks, plugins, tutorials and so on. Since it is quite a lot work to accomplish […]

  • Download the new Xtreme One WordPress Framework for free and test now!

    With pleasure we can now announce that Xtreme One 1.6 was released as a beta last week! Xtreme One WordPress Framework gives you the freedom to easily create your WordPress Themes. No more inflexible layouts or having to change the code all the time. With the powerful framework you are able to realize your ideas […]

  • Meet Us At WordCamp Europe!

    This weekend Frank and I will be attending and speaking at the first ever WordCamp Europe in Leiden near Amsterdam, Netherlands! We are really thrilled to be there and can’t wait to meet all the WordPress Gurus from all over the world and see some really interesting sessions! Frank and Toscho will have a presentation […]

  • WordPress Backend Design Study – An Alternative to MP6?

    Our designer and usability expert Nick at marketpress.com did a design study on the coming WordPress backend design MP6 for version 3.7 and tried to analyse what can be done better and how! Also interesting question he asks: The dashboard is the least used and yet most needed page in the back-end. Why? More screens […]