Download the new Xtreme One WordPress Framework for free and test now!

xtreme-1000x400-150x150With pleasure we can now announce that Xtreme One 1.6 was released as a beta last week! Xtreme One WordPress Framework gives you the freedom to easily create your WordPress Themes. No more inflexible layouts or having to change the code all the time. With the powerful framework you are able to realize your ideas very quickly.

Xtreme One is the world’s only WordPress framework that allows solid, fluid and flexible layouts.

With Xtreme One 1.6 also comes the possibility to adapt Xtreme One Widgets to your own needs or create custom widgets, an example is supplied in /xtreme-blank/ Child Theme. The Grid post widgets now support custom post types. Therefore an infinite number of options are available with just a few clicks to reposition content.

Using the unique content widgets you can integrate any widget in the post editor. Of particular interest would it for portfolio websites, certain posts in multiple columns responsive and fluid.

Xtreme One comes with 15 awesome Widgets, try out all of them and you will be amazed!

You can find more information about the powerful WordPress Framework here!

Download and test it for free

Beta testing ends 30.11.2013!


16 responses to “Download the new Xtreme One WordPress Framework for free and test now!”

  1. chris Avatar

    will 1.6 be free in the long run? ive bought the commercial version, just wondering.

  2. William Myers Avatar

    Thank you, would you recommend this framework for designing websites focused on e-commerce? Cheers!

  3. Charlie Livingston Avatar

    Looks interesting! I’ll give it a whirl.

  4. Frank Avatar

    @Chris: no, only the beta. Currently we will not release as free theme. We will release a new 2.0 Release with many changes and improvements. We will go a new strategy, maybe also a include the Bootstrap css framework nnd small enhancement, there you can de-/activate to the theme.

    @william: currently is not ecommerce inside the theme as default. If you will use WooCommerce als plugin, then check our theme Hamburg, there is WooCommerce ready.

  5. Anderson Brown Avatar

    As always your blog shares useful information, thanks so much for this and for the work you do with the blog posts! Cheers!

  6. Daniel Heywood Avatar

    Thanks guys, i’ll give that a try, downloaded!

  7. Arbaz K Avatar
    Arbaz K

    Looks interesting.
    Thanks a lot for sharing it. Downloaded and soon will take it for a ride and see how it goes 🙂

  8. wp blog Avatar

    Wow free link for try, surly try the framework.

  9. alan Avatar

    How is it when We compare It with genesis??

  10. Cesar Lee Avatar

    Same question as Alan’s, but with regards to Thesis? How do these two compare?

  11. Birgit Olzem Avatar


    @chris: the beta is restricted until end this month. If you bought the commercial version 1.5.5, you can upgrade for free after final release based on your licence.

    @William: in the final version 1.6 WooCommerce is supported. You can add own Style for your WooCommerce Shop.

    @alan and Cesar: Xtreme One follows a totally different way to generate the output than Genesis or Thesis. In case of using the fantastic YAML HTML/CSS Framework, you can design extra ordinary websites, that fits in the most popular browsers.

    I´ve personally tryed Genesis and Thesis some years ago, but when I stepped into the Xtreme One Framework, I was blown away.

    You can read my Xtreme One story at this post

    I hope you enjoy the beta. Please give us feedback. You´ll find a form on the above-mentioned page.

    Best regards,

  12. Alex Avatar

    Hey Cesar and Alan, sorry I didn’t see your comments before. Comparing to Thesis and Genesis, Xtreme One doesn’t have just six layouts, as Genesis offers for example.

    You can create thousands of layouts and even if you want for every tiny page on your website. And that’s not all, you can also decide if you like to have the layout not only created by pixels, you can also choose percentage or em. So your sidebar can have a width of 250px , 25% or 2em. Whatever format and number you like. It’s up to you.

    You can add or remove on every page teaser, header, sidebar one or two, footer or other areas.

    You can create complete widgetized pages.

    You can use a dozen powerful widgets, included in xtreme one. For example the content widget (enter widget content into the normal edit area), use the widget filter functionality (decide with just a click where you want to show a widget, or where not or under which circumstances). Much more powerful and userfriendly than plugins like widget logic.

    With a few clicks you can create complete different layouts and designs without limits.

    The best way to find out how powerful it is? Download the beta version until November 30th 2013!

  13. alan Avatar

    Thanks a lot Birgit for your clarification.I’ll try this framework

  14. alan Avatar

    Thanks alex.I’ll try and let you know

  15. Birgit Olzem Avatar

    You´re welcome 🙂

  16. Chetan Jadhav Avatar

    Nice Concept Alex,
    Cool Idea ! I am going test.