WordPress Backend Design Study – An Alternative to MP6?

Our designer and usability expert Nick at marketpress.com did a design study on the coming WordPress backend design MP6 for version 3.7 and tried to analyse what can be done better and how!


Also interesting question he asks:

The dashboard is the least used and yet most needed page in the back-end. Why?

More screens and his full analysis can be read on at MarketPress.com

What’s your opinion?






24 responses to “WordPress Backend Design Study – An Alternative to MP6?”

  1. chris Avatar

    is that what the new one looks like? or is this just a proof of concept by marketpress?

  2. Alex Avatar

    @Chris, it’s just a concept by MarketPress, hope you like it.

  3. Lane Lester Avatar

    MP6 is now available as a plugin, and I’ve been using it with pleasure for some time. I quit using the Ozh across-the-top menu, because it doesn’t work with with the iPad.

    There don’t seem to be any labels for the comment signon form below. I hope I did it right.

  4. syed Aly Avatar

    thanks show the infographic on WordPress backend design MP6 for version 3.7. will check out full article on Marketpress

  5. Agenzia Web It Serv Avatar

    What a great design!! Anyway, i would remove the “quickpress” block. We all know that, nowadays, it is impossible to write a good article without pay attention to images, style, seo stats and details and so many other things. So, i think it’s not useful to have that block within the dashboard. If i’ll need to write an article (a great, original and complete article), i will use the proper window.

  6. Daniel Heywood Avatar

    I’m liking the concept design, certainly got the infographic feel to it. Does anyone know a potential release date for 3.7?

  7. James Roberts Avatar

    I believe the rumour release date is for January 2014. Awesome WordPress theme.

  8. Andrei Chira Avatar

    It looks much better than the MP6, cleaner, more space. I like it.

  9. Alex Avatar

    @All, thanks guys, I’m sure Nick appreciate you are liking his design. ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. codemywp Avatar

    say congrats to nick. Great concept of designing, its much better form MP6. sure will purchase such design. hoping it will launch on Jan

  11. Alex Avatar

    @codemywp, I will tell him. Thanks! ๐Ÿ™‚

  12. Cesar Lee Avatar

    Thank you for the link to marketpress, great read. Cheers!

  13. Aidan Boyle Avatar

    Wow that looks great. I Sure hope we have something that good to look forward to. I’ve got tired of the current dashboard almost immediately.

  14. Mahesh Avatar

    thanks you very much for great content.

  15. Bashir Ahmed Avatar

    Wow – thats an awesome WordPress back-end design. Is there any plugin available?

    Thanks for sharing nice infographic.

  16. Josh Trenser Avatar

    Wow folks, that design is slick!!! I am loving it!!!

  17. William Myers Avatar

    Thanks for great content!

  18. Paul Avatar

    I like the look of this new design, but there aren’t too many differences from the current panel. I want to see a better grouping together and reformatting of all the elements for editing and working on a WP site. Too often I’m left wondering “now, where was that bit of content edited again… was it in a sidebar somewhere or another widget or a plugin…”

  19. Vijay Avatar

    Nice design , IS this simply a change to look & feel of the backend or there are any functionality addon’s?

  20. Ruth Avatar

    Wow, I wish I had such dashboard folks!!!

  21. Alex Avatar

    @all, it’s really great to see, that so many people like the design. ๐Ÿ™‚

    @Vijay, it is simple a change to look and feel, but as Nick mentioned, it is also recommended to use the dashboard more effectively. So yes, if we would do the backend, we would also do some functionality changes.

  22. Souri Avatar

    Great design. I fully agree that the dashboard needs a redesign … I hardly use it even if it is the first page which comes up when I log in. too cluttered and no info on there at the moment.

  23. Matthew Banes Avatar
    Matthew Banes

    “The dashboard is the least used and yet most needed page in the back-end. Why?”

    That is a great question. I know I barely glance at it on my way around the back-end. Just doesn’t seem worth a look when I’m often in Analytics.

    This design is very interesting, though.

  24. Sahil Avatar

    Dashboard does need a Redesign may be just making it little more smooth could do the trick.