Removing WordPress Login Design

In a previous post, I showed the possibility, how to use WordPress in regard to Corporate Identity. For example adjusting the login area. This shouldn’t be a tough task with the according articles.

In both cases I didn’t talk about how to deactivate the default WordPress layout, since I always used the example based of the WordPress stylesheet. But the stylesheet of WordPress isn’t really lean and why should you load unnecessary data, which you really don’t need?

With a little hook and an appropriate function I can disable to load the stylesheet of WordPress and load my own CSS – How that works can be read in both articles about adjusting theme login.

if ( basename($_SERVER['PHP_SELF']) == 'wp-login.php' )
	add_action( 'style_loader_tag', create_function( '$a', "return null;" ) );

If you put the above syntax in your functions.php, it will also be disabled if you change or deactivate your theme. So it’s easy to adjust your frontend, backend and login area. As of my experience it is necessary in some business areas, even if it’s only for small areas of the backend and login. But that is essential for me, if I like to have a „perfect“ Theme.

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  1. Petrus Theron

    Or just use the Custom Admin Branding WordPress plugin.

    Petrus Theron
    freshcode software development

  2. Marek

    Do you know how to use Open ID within WP?