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  • Customizing the User Registration Notification eMails

    If a new user registers at a WordPress site the new user and the administrator receive notification emails: User: From: myBlog ( [myBlog] Your username and password info Username: new_user To set your password, visit the following address:<http://myblog/wp-login.php?action=rp&key=3oCJkevP1ZSSb0P8DlOW&login=new_user> http://myblog/wp-login.php Admin: From: myBlog ( [myBlog] New User Registration New user registration on your site myBlog: Username:…

  • Create your own bulk actions

    Including version 4.6 it was quite difficult to add custom bulk actions to the WordPress admin pages. In version 4.7 a hook is added that simplifies the task a lot: add_action(‘bulk_actions-{screen_id}’, ‘my_bulk_action’); Defining the hook As an example we’ll use the post page, the variables are named accordingly. add_filter( ‘bulk_actions-edit-post’, ‘register_my_bulk_actions’ );

  • Escaping the maintenance mode trap

    WordPress makes upgrading very easy . You simply click “Update now”, wait for a minute or two and your system is up to date. If, well if everything works fine. The most common problem during an upgrade is the Internet connection to drop unexpectedly or the user to shut down the browser unintentionally. In both…

  • WordPress Pulse? – Heartbeat API

    With WordPress 3.6, there will be a new API – Heartbeat. On Ticket 23216 in Trac all discussions and information be gathered together. Because Heartbeat may also have influences for users, here are some words and clues. Heartbeat is introduced to various activities, such as Autosave, locks of articles and to handle logon and logoff…

  • WordPress Theme Customizer Custom Controls

    WordPress Theme Customizer Custom Controls

    The Customizer is a relatively new way of WordPress Themes to provide you with options. Here is the visuality important, arrange the options directly in frontend for the Theme, play and save the settings. The post provide information about custom classes for your requirements.

  • How recent is “recently”?

    If you deactivate plugins you can access them some time under the “Recently active” link in the plugin list table. “Recently” is not a very specific statement. So how long are deactivated plugins assumed to be “recent”?