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  • WordPress Dropins

    Plugins are pretty popular, since it is easy to adjust your blog or website to your liking with Plugins. Less popular are Dropins. WordPress alows to replace some functions with Dropins. The list of possibilities isn’t big and not well documented. But I like to use Dropins to enhance the possibilties of caching, especially APC […]

  • Hide Welcome Panel for WordPress Multisite

    With a major release update of WordPress, everytime all new functions will be displayed after updating. Basically a good idea, which displays all new features on one page. However, this is not always intentional. In the corporate environment, large groups of users aren’t interested in it, so that this screen only provides additional work for […]

  • WordPress Options Passed To JavaScript #2

    In our first article of this mini series, I explained how to pass with JSON from PHP to JS. Alternativly you can do this with the WordPress function wp_localize_script(), but contains some pitfalls. Therefore this little tutorial, also you should think about it in advance about these two solutions.

  • WordPress Options Passed To JavaScript #1

    In WordPress you are not always in the PHP world and so you have to pass settings and data from the database to scripts sometimes. In many Plugins you can find solutions in loading the wp-load.php and therefore access to all features of WordPress. Long ago Otto (Samuel Wood) already referred to this fact and […]

  • WP_List_Table – a step by step guide

    WP_List_Table – a step by step guide

    Throughout WordPress the class WP_List_Table is used to display data, e.g. users, plugins, comments, or posts. The class contains almost all necessary methods for displaying, sorting, paginating, and searching data and and what is more obvious than to use it for your own plugins? This article tries to give you a comprehensive walk-through all necessary […]

  • Best Practice for Multilanguage WordPress Content? New Plugin!

    Best Practice for Multilanguage WordPress Content? New Plugin!

    Since the beginning of WordPress the desire to publish the content in different languages is huge. But the topic can quickly become complex, because not only the rendering of content in the form of text in different languages ​​is an issue, we also have to take care of the meta data for content, for images […]