Antispam Bee WordPress Plugin

My friend Sergej Müller, Author of wpSEO, published a new WordPress Antispam Plugin . I had the pleasure to try out this little bee in a beta version on Since the installation on December 31st 2008 we didn’t have one spambot!

His solution is very simple but genius, this little Plugin goes a complete different way than other Antispam Plugins, it just replaces the comment field, but he won’t give away any more details… 😉

The installation is very easy: Upload Plugin, activate and done! To be sure, write a test comment, since this Plugin exchange your comment field. I didn’t have any problems with it.

Download the Plugin from Sergej Muellers Homepage

So far the documentation is only in German, but I’m sure that will be changed soon. 🙂

Try it out and say goodbye to Spam!





9 responses to “Antispam Bee WordPress Plugin”

  1. DD32 Avatar

    Different.. But worked around by spambots with a single line of code..

    Yes, It works, But it’ll stop working all together once spammers actually learn of the plugin

  2. Michael Avatar

    Yes, it’s not the end of the fight. But the idea is smart…

  3. Binny V A Avatar

    I am a little afraid of plugins that has a 100% spam prevention record – that means they have a few false positives. Anyway, I’ll give it a look.

  4. kubi Avatar

    Well, it has the same concept and idea as YAWASP, which is in the WordPress-Repository since 8 months now. Antispam Bee is just a little bit smaller and has less features.

  5. Sergej Müller Avatar

    No, that’s a different Plugin – the concept and the idea. It is simply because you no longer need to provide effective spam protection. Please look at the code.

  6. Donace Avatar

    Sounds very useful will give a look later.

  7. Michael Aulia Avatar

    I’ve just tried the plug-in on my blog if you guys want to “play around” with it 🙂

    Have just made a post about AntiSpam Bee plug-in just now

  8. nomad Avatar

    Antispam Bee The great plugin