Change Your WordPress Backend

The new version of WordPress 2.7 is out – that has certainly noticed everyone. But still, people thinking if they even like to upgrade, since the admin area is totally different now and missing its usual navigation. But there is no need to hesitate, you can get your trusted admin interface back or you just adjust the interface as you like. WordPress is very flexible to do so.

The following will show you with the help of some pictures, how easy it is to adjust your admin interface.

The default since 2.7

As default is the backend Gray Theme active and the user can choose between two designs: Blue or Gray. None of the ‘old’ designs on previous versions is included in the standard.

Back to the Future

Horizontal or vertical, the camp splits the users very quickly to such questions. Fortunately, some users say, WordPress is very flexible and using the Plugin Ozh’ Admin Drop Down Menu.
In addition there are a whole series of settings that allow each user to configure their backend to their liking.

Less is more

There are alway users who think that the backend of WordPress is too extensive. Depending on your rights, you only can see what you really can use. But in order to hide specific areas in writing, for example, I suggest to use the Plugin Adminimize
The Plugin let’s you make a lot of settings and thus you can provide every user a clean and simple backend. Alternatively, the design of WordPress streamlined with a little help from CSS.

In addition, we reckon that in version 2.8 (spring 2009) there will be a similar functionality, where you can adjust the menu easily.

Everything different

Even in the past that Plugin made the rounds and users, which even before the 2.7 version of WordPress liked to have a vertical navigation used the Plugin Fluency. Now there is a new version – specifically for WordPress 2.7.


One or another don’t like the decision of the community, the majority of users has voted for the current standard icons. But even that can be changed – the Plugin Tangofy makes it possible.

There are many ways to adjust the backend of WordPress – you can or must look around, and sometimes even discover. Those who deal with the new design and aren’t comfortable with, or like to try something new, might be interested to see the flexibility of WordPress. Have fun exploring the new version and the many possibilities.






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  1. Andrew Avatar

    This is a good post about how to change things within the WP admin panel. If you don’t mind I may discuss some of your thoughts on my website, linking baco to your site of course.

  2. Alex Avatar

    Hey Andrew, sure you can, if you don’t just copy we don’t mind. 🙂

  3. Robert Avatar

    I’m very interested to see you give more detail about what you have in mind. Surely things like assessment details and timetables should be published. What a great site for info, I am a novice, The info gained here I can put in my log and reuse in time.Thank you

  4. Alex Avatar

    Our pleasure Robert!

  5. Leo Avatar

    Strangely my Headings in the wp-admin panel turned out too big.. I think i messed smth up(( Now I’d like to make them smaller. Anyone can give me a hint how to correct that?