Beautiful Web Type Combinations

Fonts have become great favorites of the customers, with relatively little effort you can achieve a lot – at least if you understand some of the typography and use solutions that are easy to implement. In this context, I had experiences with own fonts from designers and the costs are not in proportion to the use of free web fonts. In particular, Google provides here a big range of solutions and makes the integration easy.

The endless choices of fonts also presents a problem, it is not easy to find the right fonts in a good combination. In the past I collected some solutions in a single page and now have a very nice scope. The solutions are not from me, but usually by designers in the world wide web.

Screenshot Beautiful Web Type Combinations

I’ve taken the inspiration of the appearance from Beautiful Web Type and also the quotes. A wonderful one-pager, it is worth reading.

The project itself is on Github and should, may and must be extended – so please fork it. You can also contribute something via email or open an issue about the project in the repo, of course.






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  1. adumpaul Avatar

    Nice article.Really nice combination of web typography and font.Thanks for nice sharing.

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    Great info.
    Thanks for sharing.

  3. Marion Avatar

    Very interesting. Thanks for sharing!