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  • Download older plugin versions from

    So you’ve updated your plugins… … and your blog doesn’t work anymore … and you have no backup … … of course not! Wouldn’t it be nice if you could download the previous versions and get your blog back on track again? Well… you can!

  • Test or Meet at WordCamp San Francisco and Win a Plugin License!

    Next week I will be at WordCamp San Francisco and a week later at the WooConf! Maybe one or antoher of our loyal readers will also be there. It would be great to meet you in person! Frank and I had such a blast at WordCamp Europe in Sofia last month. It was great to […]

  • Every Day A Post of WordPress Tips and Tricks until Christmas!

    The time has come and our loyal reader know already our traditional Advents Calendar. For the people who don’t know, every year we had in December each day, until the 24th (Christmas Eve in Germany), a post with specials, tips, tricks, plugins, tutorials and so on. Since it is quite a lot work to accomplish […]

  • Meet Us At WordCamp Europe!

    This weekend Frank and I will be attending and speaking at the first ever WordCamp Europe in Leiden near Amsterdam, Netherlands! We are really thrilled to be there and can’t wait to meet all the WordPress Gurus from all over the world and see some really interesting sessions! Frank and Toscho will have a presentation […]

  • Lifespan of a WordPress version

    The new version 3.6 has been released much later than anticipated; the release has been estimated for the end of April and has finally been released in early August. Therefore v3.5.x stayed the freshest available version for 234 days. How does this compare to the previous versions? On average a WordPress version was replaced by […]

  • Beautiful Web Type Combinations

    Beautiful Web Type Combinations

    Fonts have become great favorites of the customers, with relatively little effort you can achieve a lot – at least if you understand some of the typography and use solutions that are easy to implement. In this context, I had experiences with own fonts from designers and the costs are not in proportion to the […]