Test or Meet at WordCamp San Francisco and Win a Plugin License!

WordCamp San Francisco

Next week I will be at WordCamp San Francisco and a week later at the WooConf! Maybe one or antoher of our loyal readers will also be there. It would be great to meet you in person!

Frank and I had such a blast at WordCamp Europe in Sofia last month. It was great to meet many of our old WordPress buddies and get to know even more WodPress freaks there.

We also had the chance to show many people the newest version of our Multlingual WordPress plugin MultlingualPress. Everybody was very excited about it. Because it is a clean solution without any performance issues. It is very userfriendly, build on existing core functionality, no compromises in SEO, etc. … see all features here.

Many people we talked to, had the problem, that they are tight to their current multilanguage solution. If they deactivate their plugin, the content is gone. Big issue if you want to move to a better performing solution. Very soon, it won’t be anymore, espacially with your help testing it. We are currently building a WPML importer to easily switch to MultlingualPress. 🙂 Other importer will follow soon too.

There are two ways to win a pro plugin of MultilingualPress

We are looking for some engaging tester for our new WPML importer. If you participate, you can get our pro version for free. If you are interested please contact Frank directly at frank@bueltge.de, for more information read our post on Google+. We really appreciate your support!

On #WeSpeakWP we will have a little contest going for WordCamp San Francisco. Get a sticker in your language from me, if available, at WordCamp San Franciso or WooConf and post a photo/selfie with the sticker on Twitter. Not to forget with hashtag #WeSpeakWP ! The more fun and crazy the photos are, even better! 🙂

WordCamp San Francisco
WordCamp San Francisco

Of course there is also a free version available, so try it out. Here you can see the differences between the pro and free version. Not to forget, with the pro version you get an excellent support!

I’m really looking forward to meet you in San Francisco! Let me in our comments know if you will be there! Can’t wait!






11 responses to “Test or Meet at WordCamp San Francisco and Win a Plugin License!”

  1. Tauseef Alam Avatar

    Hey, I’m curious to meet you there. planning to attend the event. let see if I could make it. Let me know how will I locate you.

  2. Alex Avatar

    Hey Tauseef, would be great to meet you. I have a shirt with #wespeakwp on the back. 🙂

  3. Katie Rosebraugh Avatar

    Oh man! I want a sticker. But I’m in Dallas, TX watching the live stream. 🙁

  4. bestwatchbrandshub Avatar

    Wow that’s great! Sadly it’s too late to get WooConf tickets. All sold out. And the MultilingualPress is awesome. It’s great tool for international brands or who have a network of sites in different regions and languages. I love this plug-in. And it’s reasonably priced. At $75 for a site, it’s a steal!

  5. Ankit kumar Avatar

    Hey Alex, i have also a shirt with #wespeakwp on the back. 😀 and thanks for sharing this great article sir 🙂

  6. Ankit Tiwari Avatar

    Few months back, we were working on a site that needed to communicate the message to people coming from different countries. We tried Google translate but it was terrible and had to manually correct the changes it got wrong. Maybe MultilingualPress would have been useful for us in allowing us to write and publish in multiple languages.Will keep in mind.

  7. Arpit Roy Avatar

    The plugin looks very useful and makes a lot of sense. The only downside is probably the price tag of $75 – No offence to the developers, I can understand the amount of hard work that was out in. Will save and certainly make a purchase in the future.

  8. Vashkar Banik Avatar

    Very useful plugin without any doubt. I have tried the free version of the plugin. It was a great experience.

  9. Ishwinder Singh Avatar

    This plugin could come in handy. I’ll try it out. If it works good, I’ll definitely upgrade for the automatic redirection. Thanks!

  10. suresh chodhury Avatar

    This plugin is very nice. i like it very much

  11. Instanceofjava Avatar

    I am really glad that I have found this post and I thank you for letting us know about this information.This is a big help for sure!!Thanks!