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  • Filename cache busting for WordPress styles and scripts

    WordPress adds the version identifier to the script and style resource as a query string. Most proxies don’t cache these resources. You should encode the version into the filename. A plugin can handle this for you.

  • Beautiful Web Type Combinations

    Beautiful Web Type Combinations

    Fonts have become great favorites of the customers, with relatively little effort you can achieve a lot – at least if you understand some of the typography and use solutions that are easy to implement. In this context, I had experiences with own fonts from designers and the costs are not in proportion to the […]

  • Extend the TwentyEleven Navigation with your Social Icons

    Extend the TwentyEleven Navigation with your Social Icons

    In this little tutorial we show how to add in the navigation of the TwentyEleven Theme our RSS Feed, a link with icons to our Twitter page and to our Facebook profile. Without writing a single line of PHP code. You are able to accomplish this with the WordPress Menu. First we go in the […]

  • Use WordPress Custom Post Type In CSS-Class for Styling

    Today I would like to show you, how to assign CSS classes to custom post types for styling your website.

  • Move WordPress Admin Bar to the Bottom

    Not everybody likes the WordPress Admin Bar, which exists since WordPress 3.1, at the top of the browser. With just a bit CSS you can change it. The following function provides CSS directly in the footer of backend and frontend. It displays the Admin Bar at the bottom.

  • Simple Media Queries Tester

    CSS Media Queries are getting more popular and the adjustment of the size of a website for different clients or the size of the browsers are more necessary. The Media Queries are a solution, which also have its advantages and disadvantages. It was a disadvantage, when using, that I couldn’t see all sizes at the […]