Add Icon to Site Link in the WordPress Admin Bar

Each button in the Admin bar has a self-defining and space-saving icon. But the link to the blog frontend (which is represented as a blog title), has no icon. If you want, you can change it quickly – here is a small solution.

Screenshot Admin Bar Icon Example

The following code belongs in the functions.php of the Theme, or better, in a Plugin. It adds the current favicon before the blog title. And to fit the image into the overall picture of the admin bar, we darkened it and and gave it a round shape.

 * Plugin Name: Icon for Admin Bar Site Link
 * Plugin URI:
 * Description: Add Icon to Site Link in the WordPress Admin Bar
 * Version:	1.0.0
 * Author:      Sergej Müller
 * Author URI:
 * License:     GPLv3

// This file is not called from WordPress. We don't like that.
! defined( 'ABSPATH' ) and exit;
// If the function exists this file is called as comments template.
// We don't do anything then.
if ( ! function_exists( 'sm_add_adminbar_site_icon' ) ) {

	// add to admin area, inside head
	add_action( 'admin_head', 'sm_add_adminbar_site_icon' );
	// add to frontend, inside head
	add_action( 'wp_head', 'sm_add_adminbar_site_icon' );
	function sm_add_adminbar_site_icon() {
		if ( ! is_admin_bar_showing() ) {
		echo '<style>
			#wp-admin-bar-site-name > a.ab-item:before {
				float: left;
				width: 16px;
				height: 16px;
				margin: 5px 5px 0 -1px;
				display: block;
				content: "";
				opacity: 0.4;
				background: #000 url("' . parse_url( home_url(), PHP_URL_HOST ). '");
				border-radius: 16px;
			#wp-admin-bar-site-name:hover > a.ab-item:before {
				opacity: 1;


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  1. Casey

    This is pretty cool, but I’d also like to see how to replace the WordPress logo with the site Favicon. That would be really useful.

  2. Lee Rickler

    @Casey – you can do that and more with this plugin:

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