Batch Plugin-Update in WordPress 2.9

In the past we have already informed you a little bit about the new features of the upcoming 2.9 version of WordPress – the development does not stop and the next version has many minor changes. Improvements in security, administration.

WordPress 2.9 will have the possibility to update all your Plugins, which have an update available, in one step.
That makes maintenance work with customer’s and on your own blog more simple and faster. As a little insight, here is a screenshot of the current beta.






5 responses to “Batch Plugin-Update in WordPress 2.9”

  1. Indrek Avatar

    Excellent feature. This makes plugin updates much easier when dealing with several WordPress installations.

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  4. Ben Huson Avatar

    Great feature…

    I’m hoping the plugins will still have links to view plugin details in case you want to quickly check out any plugin changelogs before hitting that bulk “Upgrade Plugins” button.

    Doesn’t look like it from the screengrab?

  5. rami Avatar

    Very useful feature.