Publishing Extend of WordPress

Not always you want to solve things like WordPress provides and you seek for a different solution. Sometimes you don’t need various applications of the backend to publish posts.
A simple example would be a form, no matter where, where the contents of the form should automatically published on your WordPress blog. Alternatively, you could send it with a different status, and therefore only publish them if the admin approves it.
For a good start, here is the function, which is pretty powerful and for all processes of the publication responsible.

wp_insert_post($postarr = array(), $wp_error = false)

You can find a lot information in the Codex of the function.

Possible parameters $postarr

comment_status    [ 'closed' | 'open' ] // 'closed' means no comments.
ID                [  ] //Are you updating an existing post?
menu_order        [  ] //If new post is a page, sets the order should it appear in the tabs, Default is 0
page_template     [