Category: WordPress Hacks

  • Inform user about automatic comment closing time

    To prevent spammers from flooding old articles with useless comments you can set WordPress to close comments after a certain number of days: It might be surprising for some users if the comments are closed automatically so it might be a good idea to inform them about the remaining time. add_action( ‘comment_form_top’, ‘topic_closes_in’ ); function…

  • How to disable auto-embeds (oEmbed) in WordPress 3.5

    WordPress 3.5 will remove some options from the UI. One of these options is the Embeds section. To disable the oEmbed feature you can use a specific filter.

  • How to enqueue the bundled jQuery in footer – The Right Way

    WordPress comes with many bundles JavaScript libraries which can be enqueued in header or footer. This article shows a clean and nice way to register the bundled jQuery for the footer to speed up the page rendering.

  • First or Last Page in Page-Structures of WordPress

    Now and then little snippets are pretty useful. For a fix in a Premium-Theme, I needed a kind of evaluation, where I am in the site structure and with little effort I was able to expand the classes and react with CSS. The following code shows the basic for it and get_pages() is the key…

  • Load Minimum of WordPress

    A small contribution for all those using WordPress as a backend, framework or something similar. The applications, especially in the B2B sector, becoming more and more, as do the questions. So far, I’ve always liked to recommended BackPress. But even a well-maintained standard is feasible, with all its advantages in the context of the philosophy…

  • Adding Custom Fields to WordPress User Profile

    Adding Custom Fields to WordPress User Profile

    The user profile of WordPress can be fairly easily adapted to add your own values​​. So you can add the necessary fields according to your requirements. Here is how you do it, we add a field for the address and the content will be stored in the database. Various hooks in WordPress make sure that…