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  • Recents Drafts All Authors

    It’s not uncommon that a blog runs by different authors, so it may be useful if you can have a quick look at the drafts of all authors. In our joint blog WP Engineer we created a feed, which keeps us up to date if a new draft of all authors were created. The work…

  • WordPress 2.8 Widgets Options Page – First Screenshot!

    In the current trunk of WordPress is a “first run” of the new widget management available to see. This is a development version, it shows the warning “This page is not 100% ready, please use only on test installations.”.

  • Build A WordPress 2.8 Widget With The New Widget API

    One of the main changes in WordPress 2.8 is the new widget API. This API is fully object oriented and provides the programmer all the necessary functions to create a WordPress widgets. Also, it now allows multiple use of each widget.

  • WordPress and register_sidebar

    Everyone who is building WordPress Themes probably implement the widget function in their theme. Code for the widgets is in functions.php. Here a code snippet of the default theme:

  • Add WordPress Dashboard Widgets

    Finally WordPress 2.7 is coming along with widgets in the dashboard area, so it will be possible to adjust your dashboard as you like. For Plugin or theme authors it’s even more interesting, since they can give the users additional value to their Plugins. They can offer information from their Plugin directly on the dashboard.…