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  • Custom WordPress Login-Page

    In a previous post I wrote about the possibility to adjust the login page in your WordPress backend. But I still receive a lot of questions about it and I would like to point out three simple ways, so that you can customize with little effort the login page to your site – a nice…

  • Post Formats – More Creative Ways For A Theme

    First day of our Advent Calendar we show tiny code snippets and brief informations for the Post Formats from WordPress version 3.1. Some theme authors wanted more defined formats – they wanted the feature “post formats”. This new functionality will be available in WordPress 3.1 and displays an additional meta-information. The Codex for this functionality…

  • Advent Calendar – 24 Days Tips And Tricks Each Day!

    Same procedure as every year! After the very successful Advent Calendar last year on WP Engineer we will provide our readers another Advent Calendar this year. What does it mean exactly?

  • 3rd Door – Today The Advice: Don’t Steal Premium WordPress Themes

    A friend called me and informed me that he had found two links in his footer to spam websites. He “found” the premium theme, which he was using “on the Internet”. I have looked at the theme again and the footer.php was consisted of the following (shortened by me):

  • 2nd Door Of Our Advent Calendar – Support in WordPress for rel=”canonical”

    WordPress 2.9 will support the attribute rel and his value canonical, you can also read about it on an older post how to integrate the values and what’s about it. Therefore you don’t have to paste the HTML explicitly in your theme. In previous versions of WordPress 2.9, the intergration is easy to do: Putting…