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  • Control When To Display WordPress Admin Bar

    On day 10 of our Advent Calendar we show a little code snippet for the WordPress Admin Bar. At first the easiest way to remove the Admin Bar with new function __return_false; include since WordPress 3.0.

  • Custom Pagination without WordPress Plugins

    Custom Pagination without WordPress Plugins

    On day 9 of our Advents Calendar we show a custom pagination function which allows a user to insert custom next, previous or numbered page links into a post. Use the follow code for an custom plugin or insert the function in your theme, inside the functions.php. Please see the second code-area for an example…

  • Know The Constants Of An WordPress Installation

    Today I will show you how to display the constants you use in your WordPress installation. Here is a small code snippet to list the defined constants.

  • WordPress Debug Bar

    With version 3.1 of WordPress comes the Admin Bar, which we introduced in a previous article, and this also allows to add your own entries. And so there is, created by the development team of WordPress, a Plugin for additional information available. The Plugin Debug Bar docks on the Admin Bar and gives, with one…

  • Plugin To Add Custom Field To An Attachment In WordPress

    Plugin To Add Custom Field To An Attachment In WordPress

    The media library is on WordPress in some areas, certainly not perfect, but it has great potential. Each attachment can contain various metadata and also WordPress stores some data directly while uploading – for example a part of the Exif data of an image. However, it might not be enough for you and you need…

  • The PHP Functions min() and max()

    Today a small snippet, which I frequently use in my WordPress Widgets. It is about the determination of minimum and maximum values. Here is a piece of code from the WordPress Widget Recent Comments: