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  • Secure Include Plugin In WordPress

    Some people use more and other less Plugins in WordPress. but it is allways advisable to check via code if a Plugin is active or not. That makes sure the theme wouldn’t break if the Plugin is not active. It’s pretty easy to include a little bit code to check for inactivity. I show you […]

  • How Core Update in WordPress 2.7 Works?

    In recent days, there are more and more information about WordPress version 2.7 coming up. Especially about the automatic upgrade of WordPress. You already know the update function for Plugins, which is very convenient. Now the same for your WordPress installation, one click and you are up to date. Such a powerful and important function […]

  • WPlize – A Class For Options In WordPress

    So what is WPlize and what is it for? WPlize is a class, which access the options table of WordPress and makes it easier to create, edit, get and delete preferences of a Plugin or theme in the options table of WordPress. Using this class improves the performances and create a clean code in Plugins […]

  • WordPress 2.7 Update Core

    The current development version with the core update is available now. Everybody can test it, the development team ask for your feedback. Everybody who doesn’t want to check the SVN might be interested in this screenshot. This function amazed by it’s simplicity, click, lean back and relax – done!

  • WordPress – Return URL

    I already talked in my article Determine Path To Plugin and Content Directories about the possibilities how to keep functions in themes or Plugins free from error if you rename a folder, for example wp-content. Since version 2.6 you can also solve this problem pretty easy with another function.

  • Use Metaboxes In Your Theme Or Plugin

    Not only the design changed since version 2.5. Also the markup was changed immensely, so there might be changes in the editor area, if you use pluigns, which implements data there. Here a little workaround, how to keep the design in editor area.