WordPress 2.7 Update Core

The current development version with the core update is available now. Everybody can test it, the development team ask for your feedback. Everybody who doesn’t want to check the SVN might be interested in this screenshot.

WordPress 2.7 Core Update
WordPress 2.7 Core Update

This function amazed by it’s simplicity, click, lean back and relax – done!
It’s still in Beta and I’m sure many people will talk about the functionality, but that was a popular desire of the WordPress community. Will see if the endless discussion about the upgrade cycles will end or still continue.

Alternative you can still download the current version and install manually like always . Additional WordPress has to offer an own backup system. This saves the use of other Plugins and an upgrade including a backup is fast and simple. The backup creates a XML-File in WordPress format (WordPress WXR), which you can easily import again. It was greatly appreciated in WP-Hacker forum that you can find this function under tools.

A great alternative and with much more possibilities is our plugin BackWPup.